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Shake a Tail Tuesdays resurrected … kinda … on Spotify

January 16, 2014

I was a pretty big cheerleader for the Lil Indies DJ night featuring Kristin and Jeffrey Howard (of the band Hot Hands) spinning their favorite records on vinyl under the event name “Shake a Tail Tuesdays.” (I wrote about it here, here and then cried when it died here. And Bao wrote about it here, too, so I know I’m not completely alone in loving their curated trip into underground music history.)

If you missed out on the slanted oldies night, though, you can still benefit from the informed music perspective because this morning, I was delighted to see this fairly comprehensive Shake a Tail Tuesdays playlist pop up on Spotify:

Their band Hot Hands is heavily influenced by all this deep music exploring, but that is not the only adventuring the couple has been doing lately. They are currently on a potentially neverending tour, where they are updating like mad from the road, putting together this great travelesque series of tour videos showcasing all the strange stops they planned along the way. (Who knows if they are ever coming back?) This included a lot of abandoned theme parks (like this prehistoric forest amusement park), pseudo landmarks (like Stonehenge in Alabama) and perhaps predictably, many music history-related haunts, like my favorite, this pause at Otis Redding’s plane crash site:

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