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Represent! Stunning Orlando photos on Vice + You Blew It! back on Pitchfork

January 6, 2014

It’s always tough to lose locals who are active and multi-talented, and photographer/musician Jennifer Medina is a good example of a recent ex-pat who is currently making her home in Los Angeles but who hasn’t forgotten about what Orlando had to offer while she was here. Luckily, her pastel perspective resulted in some really gorgeous, soft, evocative photos that Vice recently published, in a series called Orlando is a Paradise. You’ll recognize a lot of faces and places, we’re sure, including this entry shot of Will’s Pub:

Medina was also part of experimental local music, formerly of Colorsphere (we have photos from Colorsphere’s last show at Total Bummer 4EVER) and still active in her current project with still-local musician Michael Parallax, known as Sæs. Listen to Sæs now:

In other news, Pitchfork is so impressed with Orlando punk dudes You Blew It! that they’re streaming an advance of their new release Keep Doing What You’re Doing. Pretty rad; the band should probably take their own advice from the title, as they proceed toward what seems a continually brighter future.

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