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Park Ave CDs celebrates 30 years of being Orlando’s raddest record store

January 9, 2014

The first in-store performance I remember seeing at Park Ave CDs was Cake, touring on Comfort Eagle, I’m pretty sure, and as someone who was just randomly visiting Orlando from Gainesville with no intentions of seeing a show on that particular trip, it blew my mind to see so many folks packed between rows of CDs and vinyl – this was a show experience I’d had yet to take part in. While I waited for the show to start, I flipped through the nearest stack of vinyl and remember thinking, I can’t believe this shit is free.

After I moved to Orlando in 2006, Park Ave CDs was easily rotated into my weekly stops around town, mostly because I’ve always felt comfortable in music stores ever since a Spec’s guy took me under his wing and helped me discover stuff like Sonic Youth, the Ramones, the Clash, when I got my first job around 13 and had a disposable income, basically leading me to what formed the basic food groups to my tastes later on. The record store employee was, to me, exactly the person who was portrayed in goofy movies I loved like High Fidelity or Empire Records, and I fed off record store BS-ing, either between employees or between employee and customer.

Suffice it to say, I have a lot of fondness for PACDs, and I just found out they’re celebrating their 30th anniversary as one of Orlando’s most recognized record stores.

Not only are they a super-dependable first stop for the newest releases, but their staff works really hard on all my crazy special requests I’ve made over the years, including hard-to-find imports and rare vinyl. If they don’t have it in the shop, they will use all their resources to find it. I’ve even had the crazy-personalized experience on the occasion of having an employee call me when used vinyl came in that he thought I’d be interested in. And that’s why I own a disgusting amount of Lou Barlow-related 7-inches, including really old Deep Wound stuff. On top of that, they’re constantly offering freebies with new releases, including free concert tickets, posters, and limited edition extras with the purchase of special albums. (Sign up for their newsletter if you have been missing out.) And even more service-y, you can skip out on Ticketfly and Ticketmaster fees by bringing cash to the store to purchase concert tickets.

Happy anniversary, Park Ave CDs! Thanks for a pretty cool 30 years, all the pizza parties and for keeping your Facebook informative and [selectively] amusing.

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  • Rudy Gulch


  • Stacy Elizabeth Milaschewski

    alway’s wonder if they have a Barry and a Monday Morning mix :)