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Menchie’s offers to buy out local band Yogurt Smoothness

November 15, 2013

Yogurt Smoothness

Earlier this week, local noisy duo Yogurt Smoothness, who are used to taking cover requests at their weekly event Everyday Is Like Monday but NOT so used to taking buy-out requests, received an email from popular yogurt chain Menchie’s suggesting that band members Danilo Krkjus and Brian Stabile relinquish their LLC, Yogurt Smoothness, and join up with the Menchie’s chain. It’s a pretty classic case of Internet idiocracy, where bureaucracy is initiated before anyone actually looks into what they are suggesting. I hope Menchie’s gets more than a little embarrassed by this silliness. Who will they go after next, the Dead Milkmen? Here’s the proposal, as posted by the band on their Facebook:

If you’re not familiar with Yogurt Smoothness (or their other incarnation which could equally confuse any Menchie’s execs, Milkman Roughness), they released five new tracks in October that you can listen to below, preferably accompanied by 4 ounces of frozen yogurt complete with your favorite toppings.

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  • Jyl Messina

    Obviously, they were mistaken by sending out mass letters to yogurt shops, or what they thought were yogurt shops, by someone in the company that needs to pay more attention to who they are sending them to. It was not sent by the CEO!

  • Menchie’s Headquarters

    My name is Katie Isaac and I am Franchise & Guest Relations Manager at Menchie’s Global Headquarters. I thank you for the opportunity to clarify Menchie’s position regarding the above article.

    As you can see, we recently instated a new program of converting independent frozen yogurt stores into Menchie’s. This provides these independent operators the opportunity to join a strong brand and have the benefits of a franchise to
    support them, allowing for small businesses in your neighborhood to thrive.

    We purchased a list of frozen yogurt stores to support these efforts, ultimately resulting in “Yogurt Smoothness” receiving our letter in error.

    We extend our sincere apologies to Brian & Danilo of “Yogurt Smoothness” and have contacted them with a direct apology. Menchie’s had no ill intent in sending these letters and we thank you and them for understanding.

    We look forward to delivering on our mission statement, “we make you smile” to all our guests, and we hope this will include “Yogurt Smoothness” in the near future. :)

    Thank you,

    Katie Isaac & the entire Menchie’s family

  • Yogurt Smoothness

    If you don’t want to buy our band, can we at least get some yogurt out of the deal? We too would like to increase our frozen yogurt consumption by 20%. That will “make us smile”.

    Brian and Danilo

  • brittallica

    good save katie

  • austinburns

    I seriously thought that letter said, in bold, “This shit affects you.”

    I was impressed that Menchie’s would forgo some stuffy legalese and opt for some Real Talk.

    Then I was disappoint.


  • Menchie’s Headquarters

    Hi Brian and Danilo,

    We mailed you a gift card, please confirm you received it. :)

    My very best,