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At a Loss: This year was Nerdapalooza’s last due to poor attendance

October 28, 2013

Maybe it was due to moving Orlando’s wiliest nerdfest to the Orange County Convention Center. Maybe it was because of the economy, which is still shit. Or maybe it’s all my fault for not screaming more about how awesome this year’s Nerdapalooza lineup was. Whatever the reason, I’m bummed to share the news that Nerdapalooza kinda went bankrupt after the last event. You can read the full explanation from Nerdapalooza’s founder, John “hex” Carter, here.

At this point, Nerdapalooza is hoping to just recoup the costs and pay the bills, so they’re having a fire sale (if I was cheerier, I’d post a clip from Arrested Development, but this is not the time for layered jokes). You can buy shirts and posters from this year’s fest at their Bandcamp for only $1. Or you could buy any of the Nerdapalooza recordings in a pay-what-you-want model. This will be your last chance to grab a Nerdapalooza keepsake, because the plan is to dissolve the brand once they get through this tough spot. Additionally, there are three eBay auctions where you can bid on the Nerdapalooza main stage banner, a Nerdapalooza promotional banner or hex’s personal Nerdcore hat he’s been rocking since 2008. Hex also indicates that more items could be added, so check back to the Bandcamp or Nerdapalooza website for updates.

At the end of his note, hex offers a new hope for a potential alternative event in the future. Fingers crossed that promise doesn’t turn into a phantom menace on his cred as an event planner because the past six years of Nerdapalooza should permanently validate his ability to put on a kickass show (or 40).

If it’s not too soon, relive the most recent Nerdapalooza in these galleries:
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  • candigram

    i am drowning in all the feels…i will miss Nerdapalooza with all my nerdy heart

  • Greg

    Unfortunately, the last few years have been plagued with issues that were not addressed. This year, there was a decent lineup, but the sound guy in one of the rooms made everyone sound bad. I really hope they recoup their losses. It’s also a shame that they couldn’t get some of the other good bands that didn’t feel like they’d fit under the nerd label (Anamanaguchi for instance). It had a ton of potential, so hopefully these losses will make for a better event in the future.

  • chozo_ninpo

    Just a heads up. NAP the LLC may have had to dissolve, but there are a lot of local Orlando supporters that have gotten together to create a new event that will live on with the spirit that had brought this community together in the first place.

    This most certainly won’t be the last NAP styled yearly event in Orlando, so keep your eyes and ears open!

    <3 Chozo