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KISS at the Amway Center … reviewed by an 11-year-old

August 17, 2013

kiss-empty arena

Note: As a longtime, mostly professional music critic, I’ve been fortunate to take my kids to concerts for a while now, but my 11-year-old was especially stoked to see KISS in concert, so we hit the Amway Center on Aug. 16 (the band’s opening show for the Arena Bowl). Originally, I thought it would be fun to have us both review it – old music snob vs. enthusiastic young fan – but after he wrote his review, I didn’t see any need to add anything to it since it’s kinda perfect (OK, I’ll add something: the opening band really was pretty good, but would have been better at Will’s Pub.) Anyway, here’s a review of KISS at the Amway Arena, written by Nolan Ferguson:




From the beginning of this rock concert, I had made the assumption of “This is going to be just like other concerts I have previously been to.” But it wasn’t. There was fire and lights and and even a gargantuan metal spider which most of the KISS members rode onto the stage.

The first band was a bunch of guys from London, England which had been touring with KISS. Their band seemed like some guys who just rocked until they told the audience where they were from. The band’s name was Leogun.

KISS had recently let out a new album – Monster. It would have probably been a stampede on KISS if the security guards hadn’t been there. They had been advertising multiple things such as KISS Mini Golf, The KISS Kruise, and even a wedding chapel with their motto – “Weddings that-ROCK!!”

When KISS came out it was like a dream seeing them all, KISS being my favorite band. They played multiple songs sweating their hearts out as they played their rock.

As I watched them rock, popcorn butter drizzled down my chin. Spaceman (Tommy Thayer) took out his guitar and blew fireworks. Catman (Eric Singer) joined in. As we left, the song “Dr.Love” was stuck in my head.

– By Nolan Ferguson


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  • Your Old…

    Maybe your son would prefer the Lumineers!? What do people from Orlando know about rock n’ roll or anything fun!? Pretentious assholes who would fit in perfect at Wills Pub or any place in Echo Park or Silverake!

  • F

    He’s a kid that had fun at a KILLER concert, and you’re a douche.

  • Your Old…

    Doesn’t sound like it from the review, sounds like an adult making fun of them! When did critics EVER get the concept of KISS! Everything rock n roll is about!!!!

  • CFaulkner

    Years ago, I attended a KISS concert in Albuquerque. There was a 14 yr. old girl sitting next to me that was extremely unhappy that her uncle had dragged her to the concert. Half way through the opening tune, she started screaming and did not stop until the concert was over. I asked her what she thought after the concert and she said it was the greatest thing she had ever seen. The just keep on rollin……….

  • ex kiss fan

    pop corn … oh yes pure rock ‘n’ roll !

  • Mike

    That was a better review of a KISS concert than the piece of drivel published in the Sentinel on Saturday. The kid KNOWS a good rock show…the staff writer for the Sentinel would be better off selling overpriced beer at the concession stand…he’s much more qualified for that gig than his sham of a review would indicate.

  • D Talada

    The kid is a budding journalist and took the time to write a review of a Kiss show, for publication. For you to trample on it makes YOU and asshole. I have a son who just turned 11 too, and I respect him in his ambitions and creative output, just as I would Nolan’s. Maybe you’d like to be a senior citizen in the future with people who displayed less intelligence and motivation when they were 11, running things incompetently on your behalf.

  • D Talada

    I agree….that review on Saturday didn’t give any indication how good or bad the show was – just needlessly philosophized – and I got more from reading about Nolan’s excitement.

  • Rick

    Very well said Nolan. I’ve been a Kiss fan since I was 14 years old and now that I’m 53 I still go to their concerts!! We took our son three ago went he was 14 yrs old to see Kiss for his first time. So far he has seen them 3x