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Out Go The Lights, Thee Wilt Chamberlain This Saturday

November 14, 2013


Out Go The Lights

Out Go The Lights

Saturday, November 16th at The Space, a cornucopia of audio and visual artists will invade the homey, apartment style venue above Anthony’s Pizza on the corner of Colonial & Mills. Doors open at 8PM. 5$ entry includes free digital downloads of Out Go the Lights’ latest singles.

Music: Out Go the Lights (Relief in Abstract):

Thee Wilt Chamberlain (Glowmobile):

Casual Creatures (Miami):

Rebel (Miami):

Featuring Art by: Alana Questell (Relief in Abstract):

Guillermo Casanova (Relief in Abstract):

Brandon McLean (Phantom Limbs Collective):

Adam Wade Lavigne:

Dnl Hrs (Is It Over Yet?)

Relief in Abstract will be selling merchandise including records, art prints, and t-shirts.

The UCF Print Collective will also be selling works by their artists. Pick up an issue of Is It Over Yet Vol. 9 in case you missed it the day before.

RSVP via the link below: