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Photo Gallery: Doug Rhodehamel’s DOUGBOTS at Stardust Video

November 5, 2013
Doug Rhodehamel's DOUGBOTS at Stardust Video

Doug Rhodehamel's DOUGBOTS at Stardust Video

If we're talking quirky creatures, recycled materials, and Stardust, then it must be installation artist Doug Rhodehamel. Orlando's own “mushroom man” is back with a brand new collection of cardboard sculptures, this time a dozen-strong series of pint-sized robots. DOUGBOTS's went on display tonight (Tues 11/5/13) inside Stardust Video and Coffee's side room, where the pieces remain available for purchase for around $40 each.

Rhodehamel plans to expand the collection in time of the The Daily City's Cardboard Art Festival in January. In the meantime check out the following photos taken just prior to the show's opening reception at Stardust.

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