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New Smyrna named “World’s Coolest Surf Town,” but we love that beach for so much more

November 12, 2013

new-smyrna-beachVolusia County’s New Smyrna Beach was named one of the “World’s Coolest Surf Towns” by Travel + Leisure this month – sitting nicely among global beaches reaching from South Africa to Chile and Indonesia.

There’s no doubt that’s a pretty impressive (and accurate, based on the number of boarders you’ll find on area swells) title to claim – right up there next to “Shark Bite Capital of the World.”

But there’s much more to love about NSB, and you might have noticed our affinity of the shoreline if you’ve read OW any time within the last few months.

That’s because back in June, New Smyrna Beach ranked among our “Five beaches we love” in this year’s Summer Guide issue, mainly because we’ve enjoyed many an afternoon at the dog-friendly Smyrna Dunes Beach.

We also must give props to the notable arts and cultural happenings in NSB, including when the local Atlantic Center for the Arts hosted a music residency for the OneBeat project back in September.

Not to mention, New Smyrna boasts an active bar and nightlife scene, which we had the pleasure of experiencing during our Another Round seaside bar crawl over the summer – and we even have a load of beachside drinking pics to prove it.

Of course, there are plenty of other options when it comes to Central Florida beaches – Cocoa, St. Pete and the like – and as far as the warm(er) fall weather we’ve experienced recently, all of you beach bums should be grateful for the potential to bury your toes in the sand perhaps well into the end of the year – no matter which shoreline the tide takes you to.

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  • Fizzle

    Great, more tourism! Just what us true locals want! (Yes- I was born at bert fish and never lived anywhere else!) nsb is getting too busy- Too much attention just because people want to make money- “beach weeks” “fall whatever” it’s a load of crap. Too bad more people didn’t care about it being a small awesome beach town….. Port orange/ daytona here we come :( time to start searching for that next awesome beach town

  • Aldo Raines

    Yeah, the businesses are too ambitious, they are always trying to make money and all that. With Obama we do not have to work anymore. I wish the businesses would close their doors and get on the dole like everybody else. WAY too many people showing up in NSB who need to go somewhere else. LOCALS ONLY bitchez…

  • Fizzle

    We were doing just fine a few years ago !!!! No one said close the doors my friend

  • Fizzle

    Us locals appreciate the beach. I bring my 2 year old and 4 year old to the beach after every holiday to clean the CRAP left behind by people who have no respect for our town.