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Indienomicon Expo features independent local game developers

December 5, 2013

Last week, I was gushing with friends about the Humble Jumbo Bundle, a dependably fantastic collection of six indie games following a pay-what-you-want model – an offer that you still have 12 days to take up, if you have been missing out on the awesome first-person shooter + real-time strategy game Natural Selection 2 or the tongue-in-cheek fantasy RPG Magicka + DLC. But in that whole discussion, everyone failed to pick up on a local indie game expo that’s completely free to attend (what people usually “want” to pay), Indienomicon.

Indienomicon sponsors a meetup each month to showcase two new games, but their Indienomicon Expo, which is today (Thursday, Dec. 5) from 6-9 p.m. at Envy Labs (618 E. South St., Ste. 620), features a whopping 16 games and presents a completely free opportunity to play them and meet the folks behind them. As if you needed a further bonus, they also promise swag and prizes to attendees, so you might wanna bring a tote bag. Among the featured games are mobile games like Temple Tap, with its puzzling adventurescapes, and mythical combat games like Rise of the Ravager, which is just gorgeously colored in and has the we’re-all-doomed narrative that follows a God who wishes to be reborn. Sounds intense, right? The trailer will make it seem even more so:

For more details on other games that will be shown off and played out and about tonight, check the Facebook event.

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