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Fire hungry douche-canoes play with matches

January 10, 2014

In the wee morning hours of Jan. 6 someone(s) set fire to the schoolhouse on Wekiva Island. This is the second time in three months that the popular island retreat has experienced a fire after the previous one, a result of faulty electrics, severely damaged the Tooting Otter bar. Pictured below.


The owners are faced with $20,000 worth of fire, water and smoke damage but have partnered with the Sheriff’s office to offer a $10,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of the douchebags responsible. Call 1-877-622-7766 or 386-323-0904 and buy yourself a new SMART car while simultaneously putting some losers in jail. It’s totally a win-win, y’all.

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