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I shot Andy Warhol! (And other half-truths about tonight’s Beth Marshall Presents production of Beatnik at the Venue)

December 3, 2013

warholOK, I have a confession to make. When former Fringe mistress Beth Marshall initially approached me to, er, resemble Andy Warhol in her latest theatrical endeavor Beatnik (which, gulp, is happening tonight), I was clearly drunk. Not even just my standard tipsy either, but blackout at Studio 54 with a spoon in my nose and my ass in the air kind of drunk, I think. At least, that’s what I’d LIKE to think, seeing as I’m not heavy on the theater experience (not since that time in Godspell in 8th grade, really). Anwyay, as I’ve tried to explain the nature of the event that Beth had to remind me I had gleefully signed up for, people have looked at me cockeyed (not because of the wig, silly… this wig could USE a wig, if you catch my drift). Having attended precisely two rehearsals – so minimal is my “starring” role – I can tell you that it’s not a play so much as an immersive “happening,” a sort of salon type of experiential theater meant to engage the artists and audience in a time and space, only NOT A SPECIFIC TIME AND SPACE. It’s the ’60s, from front to back, featuring everyone from Janis Joplin to Goldie Hawn, with all sorts of beats and hippies and feminists interspersed. Oh, and it’s at the Venue, so it’s going to have a free-roaming appeal with booze included. FAR THE FUCK OUT, MAN!

To be clear, this is not an advertisement for myself or even necessarily a move I plan to be proud of in retrospect, but we didn’t get to acknowledge it much in the paper, and – at least from where I’m standing – it looks like a night full of hard-working, wonderful people (who happen to be freaks) that you probably won’t want to miss. It’s barely about me at all, even. I’m not even sure why I’m there. But it is about Beth’s continued CRAZY vision for this town, so I’m happy to support. (Also, Janine Klein is worth the price of admission alone). You can find tix over at Beth’s site here. Things start grooving after 7 p.m. tonight with the show kicking in around 8 p.m. WOW.


Here’s all the where’s and whatfors:

BEATNIK marks the BMP debut at THE VENUE (511 Virginia St.) on Tues. Dec. 3rd, 2013. A unique, audience interactive 60′s themed, underground speak-easy event. Patrons will get a flashback experience full of all things groovy from the 60′s. Come hang with the BEATS, poets, freaks, geeks, dancers, hippies,songwriters, groupies, comics, activists, actors, advocates fans and artisans of the 60′s.  Enjoy a cocktail, while mingling around the Darth Knapik & Bonnie Sprung art gallery or having a one-of-a-kind beat poem written just for you by the poets of POETRY VENDING MACHINE or engaging in a political discussion or joining in a drum circle. Audience members can come dressed in 60′s attire and be as involved or uninvolved with pre-show mingle events as they desire.
Producing Artistic Direction by Beth Marshall
When: Tues. Dec. 3rd, 2013
Where: The Venue 511 Virginia Dr. Orlando, Fl.
Showtime: 7pm pre-show events/8pm main stage
Ticket Price: $20
(Raffles,Vendor Purchases/Cocktails not included in $20 price)
Recommended for adults. Minors will not be allowed in The Venue without a parent/guardian present.
To purchase advance tickets- visit (Box Office at 7pm)-(Only 60 seats remaining)
Meet The Company-
Beth Marshall- Mama Beth (Aka Cass)
Anastasia Kurtiak-Assistant to Mama Beth (Cass)
Blue-Goldie Hawn
Alex Mrazek – Fabulous Gay Host
Janine Klein- Janis Joplin
Billy Manes-Andy Warhol
Tod Caviness- The Wise Beat
Samuel Butcher-The Beat King
Gabe Patrick- The Young Beat
Adrian LePeltier- The GodFather Proprietor
Jennifer Bonner- The Feminist Historian
Mike Deaven- Druggie Beatles Fan
Julie Snyder-Crazed Groupie
Andy Haynes- The Neurotic Young Writer
Darth Knapik- The Visual Artist Madman
Kat Moreno- The Feminist Political Activist
Cara Fullam- The Feminist Beat Poet
Brett P. Carson- The Bongo Beat
Madison Graham- The Deaf Flower Child
John DiDonna- The Phantom Writer
Erin Brenna Manin- 60’s Hippie Singer
Amanda Hughes- Flower Child Star Child
Will Hagaman- The Comic
Vita DeVoid- Burlesque Dancer
Tod & Christin Caviness- The Lovers Beat Dance Duo
Ted Campbell- Side Show Freak
The Hippies
Amanda Hughes
Madison Graham
Erin Brenna Manin
Bella Muller
The Activists
Kat Moreno
Cara Fullam
John McDonald
Jennifer Bonner
The Groupies
Julie Snyder
The Beats
Rob Gee
Tod Caviness
Samuel Butcher
Gabe Patrick
Susan Woodbury
Kate LockWood
Momo Earle
The Venue Staff
The BMP Crew
Darth Knapik- Set Design
Jay Ferrence- Production Stage Manager
Molly Walz- Costume Creative
Anastasia Kurtiak- Assistant Stage Manager
Blue & John Valines- Sound Design
Amy Hadley- Lighting Design
Kristen Wheeler- Photography
Shane Wheeler- Graphic Design
Front of House- Chris Foster & Theresa Rogers

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