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SeaWorld defends itself in full page ad

December 20, 2013


It’s been almost a year since the feature documentary Blackfish premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and months since it started showing to the general public in theaters and broadcast spots on CNN.

Until now, aside from the clandestine “Dear Film Critic” letter SeaWorld sent out before the film opened, they haven’t said peep about the accusations that the film makes. Until today.

Friday morning, a full page ad appeared in newspapers across the country — including the NY Times, Orlando Sentinel, Wall St. Journal and USA Today — addressing some of the points brought up in the documentary, while never actually naming the film itself.  (See below for a photo of the ad.)

The most important issue, especially for SeaWorld, is the quality of life that orcas have in captivity. Their physical and emotion health is a serious question, with their emotional health thought to be a prime reason for the amount of “incidences” that occur with orcas and their trainers. The list of incidences Erin posted earlier in the year is long and depressing to read, and while the ads claim that they “invest millions of dollars in the care of [their] killer whales”, it doesn’t mean that all of that care takes. Even tanks as large as the ones in SeaWorld are no substitute for the open ocean and a whales’ own pod, and orcas are not an inclusive species. A pod is more than family, and there is certainly no substitute for that.

You can stream Blackfish on Netflix for the activist side, and for the rebuttal.


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  • pachrismith

    Visiting my grandparents on their farm in central Missouri, I remember watching Gramps castrate baby pigs he intended to raise for meat. Each little shoat protested loudly and energetically as he was held and cut and I cringed at the thought of what was happening. But I learned something when I saw the little guy not more than ten minutes later mounting his sister! Environazies assign human thought and feeling to animals and they are wrong. I defy any man to tell me they would want to engage in that activity so soon after someone cut them like that! Stupid.
    Sea World has done more to put the welfare of the seas and their inhabitants into the minds of the public than all of the protesters combined. As long as these artists boycott Sea World, I will not buy their music and I’ll let advertisers on radio stations that play their music know I won’t be buying their products as long as that station plays their music and the artist continues to boycott Sea World.

  • claire

    Seaworld is a horrible corrupt company that makes money off of ruining the lives of these beautiful orcas. SHAME ON SEAWORLD!

  • Blulilbaby

    It is a good faith effort to publish the statement and I am glad that they tried to educate the public. I have worked with animals in all forms all across this country. Unless you are a trained caretaker, you cannot possible understand the depth of the relationships between the caretaker and the animal. You will never know the love and sacrifice that goes into caring for majestic animals. It is not something that can be explained to those who have not felt the impact made on the caretaker and the animals. They never see the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into caring for those who cannot care for themselves. The public will never understand. These animals were born in captivity and would likely perish fairly quickly if they were to be released into the wild. The general public, uninformed in truth as they are, would rather see the animals set free to die in nature “if that’s what nature sees fit to do”. The vast majority of the caretakers and trainers would gladly accept injury and pain, some even sacrificing their own lives, to save the animals they love and care for. Keep doing the great work and spreading the love my animals caretaker comrades. We will not let down those we love who would be injured or even killed as consequence of those misinformed general public, thought they may think their arguments are made in the “best interest” of those they do not know or understand.

  • nicademus11

    SeaWorld has created a water circus with orcas as their elephants. Not all of us who believe that what SeaWorld is doing is wrong believe these animals should be released into the wild. I agree that animals bred in captivity have no place in the wild and is assigning certain death to these animals. HOWEVER, Sea World should cease their breeding program. They should cease treating these animals as circus acts in shows. I watched Blackfish and I believe every single trainer loved and bonded with those creatures and gave of themselves to care for them to the very best of their abilities. I support our local zoos and research and believe that there is a place for us to access, study and learn from animals in captivity. I don’t believe that is what Sea World does. SeaWorld is a circus and carnival. That is evident, clear and irrefutable from the show schedule to the roller coasters in their backdrop.