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Add Trisha Yearwood to the list of performers cancelling SeaWorld shows

December 12, 2013

Trisha Yearwood is the fifth performer to cancel an upcoming performance at SeaWorld, possibly as a result of the fallout around the documentary Blackfish.

According to TMZ, Yearwood announced that she would not be appearing at SeaWorld Orlando’s Feb. 22 event Bands, Brew and BBQ. She’s following in the footsteps of Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick, Heart and Barnaked Ladies, all of whom have cancelled due to controversy over the film, which questions the ethics of keeping orca whales in captivity.

TMZ says it wasn’t clear why Yearwood cancelled her performance, but according to a press release from, a representative for Yearwood referenced “recent concerns” as the reason. also says that 5,600 people signed a petition on its site asking that the singer withdraw from the SeaWorld show. The petition reads, in part:

SeaWorld Orlando is where Tilikum, the Ocra, lives. He was kidnapped and ripped from his family in November of 1983. Tilikum has been abused to the point that his frustrations have caused him to attack and kill three humans, including SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in Orlando. Captive Orcas are forced to perform for food and live in tiny concrete swimming pools!

Please join in politely asking Trisha Yearwood to CANCEL her performance at SeaWorld.


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  • Garth’s Fan

    So I guess it is only fair that I don’t go to the Garth concert I was really looking forward to. I am entitled to make such a decision, the same as she was entitled to do.