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5 tips to help you survive tomorrow’s Florida cold snap

January 6, 2014

Tomorrow, we’ll be waking up to temperatures in the low 30s. As Floridians, we have no idea how to react to such frigid weather. Here are some tips to help you get through the bitter morning:

1. Create an escape plan for sneaking out of your warm cozy bed now, because it’ll be hard to convince yourself tomorrow morning when it’s almost a blizzard outside.

2. I know it’s been a while since you’ve had to wear an actual coat, so you may want to pull yours out and spray it with some Febreze or something. You don’t want to walk around smelling like stale laundry all day.

3. Your pets will be cold! Bring in your outside pets and make sure they stay cozy. They’re Floridians, too, and have no idea how to deal with seeing their own breath.

4. Just forget about exercising tomorrow. It’ll be too cold. Use the polar vortex as your excuse.

5. But don’t forget to post all over social media about how frigging freezing it is here in Florida. Your friends up north with love it!

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