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You Blew It! makes Stereogum’s spot-on emo revivalists list

October 2, 2013

Clearly, Stereogum saved the best for last with this exciting acknowledgment for Orlando’s You Blew It! posted yesterday, 12 Bands to Know from the Emo Revival. As someone who experienced the original emo wave and all the guilty-pleasure Livejournal fodder that went with it, I remember feeling oddly proud when a good friend (who we used to call Joey Emo) discovered the local band and linked me up, with a string of exclamation marks that probably ended in a 1. You Blew It! is a crop of young guys who clearly did their homework in terms of influence and steered away from the later, glossier bands who adopted the term emo when everyone else seemed to be quite done with it. (To those bands: You Blew It! proves we weren’t, and also, you’re doing it wrong.)

Earlier this year, we caught up with You Blew It! to talk about their new 7-inch split with Fake Problems, Florida Doesn’t Suck. For anyone who needs to catch up with one of our area’s most promising sounds, check out last year’s LP, Grow Up, Dude, streaming below:

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