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Funds being raised to help rebuild Rock-afire Explosion home

October 3, 2013

A Crowdtilt fundraiser has been started to raise money to help Creative Engineering Inc. – the company run by inventor Aaron Fechter, the creator of Wack-a-Mole and the animatronic  band Rock-afire Explosion – rebuild after an explosion devastated the warehouse at 47 Jefferson St. where it was housed.

Creative Engineering is probably best known for inventing Rock-afire Explosion, a band of animatronic animal characters that used to play at the now-defunct ShowBiz Pizza chain, which was an early competitor to Chuck E. Cheese’s  (Long story short, ShowBiz Pizza purchased Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater’s assets in bankruptcy in the 1980s, and eventually cut ties with Creative Engineering Inc. The company restructured and changed the names of all of its restaurants to Chuck E. Cheese’s in an effort to unify its brand.)

The Crowdtilt goal is to raise $150,000 to help restore and rebuild Creative Engineering. So far, they’ve got $2,445 in donations. Details follow (via the Crowdtilt site).

Recently there was an event that caused some damage to the Creative Engineering, Inc. building in downtown Orlando. A wall collapsed, doors were damaged, ceilings fell, ceiling lights burst, insulation fell down, part of the floor was broken, machines and shelves were knocked over and the basement, including the music studio was flooded.
The good news… No humans or animatronics were hurt during this event.

Now it is time to rebuild and a chance for you, the Rock-afire Explosion fans to join together and help rebuild the Creative Engineering, Inc. building. With your donations we can rebuild the damage caused by the Sonic Boom!

Once the building is repaired the water and electricity can be turned back on, tours of the Rock-afire Explosion show can begin and engineering can take place to create and innovate.

All this cannot happen however without YOU, the Rock-afire Explosion fans. With your help and generosity we will be able to preserve a part of American history and in return some lucky people will receive hand selected bricks signed by Aaron Fechter – The very bricks that fell from the wall of the Jefferson building that collapsed.

Additional bonuses to the highest contributors will include:

  • Never before seen digital copies of the Rock-afire Explosion show tapes.

  • Unpainted Rock-afire Explosion character masks.

  • Actual masters of audio tapes that were created for The Rock-afire Explosion with raw takes and outtakes of the musicians and singers who performed the shows.

  • And much more that we find to give away as we dig through the rubble.

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  • Baloo Uriza


  • name

    what fire? anyway… we NEAD to help showbiz pizza nosloga.

  • DigsRetro

    Sell the building, they say it’s worth millions…it’s right in downtown Orlando!

  • vincent

    where do we go to see the work that has been done to restore the building if any from donations???? ,,,

  • Bo Sherman

    How much do I have to donate to get a autographed brick ?