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Downtown Orlando warehouse that housed Rockafire Explosion animatronic band blows up (Updated)

September 26, 2013

Today, we got a report from the OPD that an explosion happened in a downtown Orlando warehouse. Shortly thereafter, the Sentinel reported that the building at 47 W. Jefferson St. was home to Creative Engineering, a company owned by Aaron Fechter, who built animatronic rock bands made up of robot animals. The Rockafire Explosion, as the band was called, was an attraction at the now-defunct ShowBiz Pizza. (View our photos from around the scene of the explosion.)

Rockafire experienced a brief revival when MGMT featured the band in a handful of videos that went viral on the web.

Master Sgt. Roger Brennan of the OPD confirmed this afternoon that the building “houses business materials and equipment used to manufacture animatronics.” It was not occupied when the building exploded, so there are no reported injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

UPDATE: Still no definitive word on the status of the Rockafire characters, but we’ve been updated via Facebook and told that Fechter is OK and that his newest venture, a clean and efficient fuel, may have caused the fire. The Sentinel is reporting that it was a cooking fuel.

For photos of the scene today around the area where the explosion happened, go to next page.

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  • bobmarley

    The problem and the reason FEMA issued an alert, as Haslett points out, is people have blown up their houses while making dabs. It’s not an inherently dangerous process (like the way making crystal meth can be), but according to Wired proper ventilation appears to be vital:

    Butane is highly flammable and it tends to sink, meaning that if you use it indoors or don’t ventilate well, you’ll run into serious trouble. Let some butane puddle in your living room, throw in a thoughtless spark from a cigarette, stove, or — dare I suggest — bong hit, and suddenly your apartment is missing a wall.

    smoke up stoners. your marley dreams are shattered.

  • Beach Bear

    No clue what bobmarley is talking about there. I can only assume he thought he was commenting on another article because Aaron Fechter, while he may be kooky about his “Carbohydrillium” project, definitely isn’t making dabs. He made singing bears and whack-a-moles back in the day, but still not dabs.

  • Baloo Uriza

    The Rock-afire Exploded.

  • name

    talk about a rock afire explosion,aneway WHAT!!!!???

  • vincent

    where do go to see the progress on the building from the explosion to today or is there no work preformed yet???