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Disney puts smackdown on using disabled patrons to cut lines

September 26, 2013

In May, we told you that the New York Post was reporting that some well-to-do people who didn’t like to wait in long lines at Disney parks had resorted to hiring disabled tour guides to help them cut to the front of ride queues. One local company, Dream Tours, was singled out for allegedly providing disabled guides for hire. Dream Tours denied the allegations, but has since disabled a link on its webpage that used to advertise “VIP Tours” of the Magic Kingdom. It has also disabled its Facebook page.

It used to be that Disney allowed disabled patrons to cut to the front of lines as a policy. But Disney has now announced that it’s going to keep people from taking advantage of the policy … by doing away with the policy. Now, rather than giving disabled park visitors unlimited access to the front of the line, park attendees will hand out tickets that tell people what time they can get on a particular ride. The new policy will likely make their waits shorter but it won’t allow for unlimited line-skipping.

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  • Lovey Martin

    I like the system Universal uses. If the wait is over 30 mins, they give you a time to come back. They usually have a place nearby to keep children entertained. (i.e. a playground)