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Here’s some (NSFW) video of a DeLand cop running over a guy with his police cruiser

September 24, 2013


On May 8, Marlon Brown, 38, was pulled over in DeLand for a seatbelt violation. Brown, who’d had more than a few run-ins with the law over the years, got out of the car and ran (generally a bad idea!). The police pursued. Brown eventually ran into a vegetable garden, tripped and then was killed when Officer James Harris plowed over him in his police cruiser. The autopsy concluded that Brown died not from being struck by the car, but from suffocation due to being pinned down under it. (Shipping Bao, the associate medical examiner fired by Volusia County earlier this month after his conflicting testimony in the Trayvon Martin case, performed this autopsy as well.)

Brown’s family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, best known for representing Martin’s family, released this video last week as part of a call for an outside investigation. While the DeLand Police Department terminated Harris’ employment for violating department procedures, last week a grand jury determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute him.

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  • carlobarlo

    The worst accountability I see appropriate to James Harris’s misconduct is that the Deland Internal Affairs Division (DPDAID) should have written him up on two counts of misconduct for ’cause'; and for this they could have reinforced disciplinary measures of service removal through an Administrative Law Judge for (a): Creating an unsafe work environment, and (b): Failure to follow instructions, when during weekly officers in-service safety talks, the Deland Police chief clearly told everyone over, and over, and over again no less through an indoor microphone PA system: “No running over grown men trying to avoid arrest like incorrigible project punks you officers normally pin against garbage dumpsters using police cruiser pit maneuver bars”.

    It’s possible that Harris’s failure to follow instructions, not to mention his propensity to insist on wearing his sexy-macho sunglasses at night, was simply unable to make a clear distinction between garbage dumpsters and tomato poles…and therein, poor Marlon Brown was discovered dead beneath the cruiser with two big beefsteak tomatoes crammed up his nostrils. All this was just too absurdly difficult for Shipping Bao to express without dubious amazement after screwing up in the Trayvon Martin trial, so recommendation followed suit there was not enough evidence to prosecute Harris.

    …And that’s the way it was this September 24th, 2013, as Walter Cronkite used to say. Good night and good news tomorrow.