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WaWa opens near the airport, promises not to price gouge you

August 29, 2013

Today WaWa opened a new store on Semoran near the Orlando International Airport. While we normally don’t write about the grand openings of gas stations and convenience stores, we thought this one was worth a mention because it’s in the immediate vicinity of the two gas stations that have made news for failing to conspicuously post their prices, then slamming people with outrageous bills after they’ve finished filling up their tanks. It was even the subject of a performance piece by former local artist Brian Feldman, who stood on the corner wearing a sign with one of the gas station’s prices posted on it ($5.79-5.99 a gallon back in 2011).

WaWa, which now operates 25 stores and counting in Florida, promises not to take advantage of desperate or clueless travelers by jacking prices to obscene levels or failing to post up their prices for people to see before they start filling their tanks.




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  • mainstreamorlandomediafailure

    The Sentinel runs press releases and grand openings all the time and treats them as major news in order to garner favor for return ad revenue. In fact so does every broadcast news outlet in this sweaty dump. Being corporate shill mouthpieces is not true journalism.