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Warlocks Schmorlocks! Try the Sons of Poetry, Darlin’

August 6, 2013


All the talk around these parts lately has been about whether or not the Discovery Channel’s outlaw biker miniseries Warlocks Rising is legit or just another made for TV handjob. The show features more of the bikers spending family time away from the club than it does anything resembling an outlaw lifestyle, and that’s got some viewers (and OW staffers) pissed right off.

No doubt the Warlocks are some badass mothers offscreen — I certainly wouldn’t want to meet Contender or Shotgun in a dark alley — and Discovery can’t just show them doing any totally illegal things. But this is this, too: they’re not the only game in town who can do the cuddly renegade thing anymore.

Enter the Sons of Poetry.

So who would win in a throw down, Slob Rob or Big Tig? 

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  • Nitemare

    These posers are a Joke and liars. The real WARLOCKs wear RED and White colors and started in Philly. Not some choaked chicken and a bunch of bitches filling holes in the ground. JOs Your end is Near! LAMO