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The Short Stack: Death Rides a Unicorn

August 26, 2013


This Must Be the Only Fantasy
Dir: Todd Cole
Runtime: 13m
The Creators Project

This is probably my favorite of the short films I’ve seen so far this year.

After leaving a weekend RPG hangout because their friend Trevor (Elijah Wood) flaked out on them, Lora (Sidney Williams) falls, dropping her 12-sided die. When she gets back up the world is a difference, darker place — the place of her RPG. As she treks through her neighborhood to find Trevor (guys, she’s riding on a unicorn on this trek), she is confronted by demons and helper spirits that guide her past the dark rider who is out to harm her. It’s so, so good, and the score is by Beach House.


Dir: Tzu-Hsuan Fei
Runtime: 6m
(Source: i09)

In any school — even a school for where the offspring of the avatars of worldwide death (the Grim Reaper, Anubis, Yin and Yang) go to learn their trade — there is always the sensitive one who wants to make the world a less scary place.


Peanut Butter Lips
Dir: Jamie Hooper
Runtime: 2m
(source: Must See Shorts)

A boy (Arne Cunningham) tries to figure out what kind of sandwich a girl (Mia Baker) likes after she agrees to kiss him if he is up to the challenge.

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