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I’m a Wally’s girl! New Orlando band dedicates an entire song to Wally’s Liquors

August 29, 2013

Wally’s Mills Avenue Liquors has legions of fans who proudly don their “I’m a Wally’s girl!” bumper stickers, likely as trophies for the traumatizingly fun times dependably had in the small Orlando dive. And now, a local band called Butter Queen (featuring members of Wet Nurse, Tam Tam the Sandwich Man, Basements of Florida) is waving a grander banner in the form of a great little number that details just what goes down at Wally’s. Here’s a clip of the song:

(Wish the audio was better, but this is what I got. Check out Butter Queen next time you see ‘em playing out and beg them for an encore.)

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  • Danton Steele

    on the 23rd in MURRAY, a rail comin from Provo off to Salt Lake City, yelawolf is gonna be there, I almost bopught his album today, not the atomic kid one, the other one, and then I fingered the greatest hits by limp biskit for a second and even RECHARGED by linkin Park, got the strings quartet instead, and also sent my mom something also.