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MORE TEXTGATE STUFFS!: Full Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports just released. Read here.

August 28, 2013

textgatecoverTEXTGATE CONTINUES! We’re about to run off to the courthouse to hear what Jeff Ashton and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have to say for their softballing of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners and Mayor Teresa Jacobs, but we wanted to toss this info out there first. These are the complete reports from FDLE released just moments ago that are supposed to show us why it makes complete sense to just fine some officials and let it all go. Read them and decide for yourself. Talk to you in a bit!


FDLE Investigative Summary (Textgate) (Redacted)

Attachments to FDLE Investigative Summary

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  • TheRealTerry

    This just made me throw up in my mouth. This to me is just clear evidence of collusion by our own elected officials to work against their constituents on behalf of private interests in exchange for election assistance. It couldn’t be any more plainly spoken in those text messages. What a bunch of crooks.