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Former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey to appear at National Pain Institute press conference today

August 15, 2013

Today at 11 a.m., four-star Gen. Bary McCaffrey, former U.S. Drug Czar under President Bill Clinton, is going to be in Winter Park to talk about pain management. And not the anti-drug stuff he spent so many years talking about in the ’90s.

Because McCaffrey is no longer the chief crusader in the anti-drug war, he’s now free to consult … and in June he was appointed to the board of directors of Prospira Pain Care, which is trying expand its network of pain-care facilities in the country.

“It is with great pleasure that I join Prospira PainCare’s board of directors,” McCaffrey said in a statement when he was appointed. “Having served on the battlefield for multiple tours of duty, I have seen the devastating impact of acute and chronic pain on the soldiers who served with me. Prospira PainCare’s vision to become the nation’s preeminent leader bringing innovative treatment therapies to the estimated 116 million Americans suffering from acute and chronic pain is a mission that I join wholeheartedly.”

Today’s presser is with the National Pain Institute is to discuss “The Unmet National and Florida Gap in Responsible Pain Management.” It’s worth noting that the National Pain Institute was one of the plaintiffs that sued the state of Florida in 2010 to block it from passing a law designed to crack down on pill mills. The law mandated that doctors who prescribe pain meds register with the state health department and it would have restricted pain-clinic advertising.

McCaffrey and others will be at the National Pain Institute HQ today at 1693 Lee Road in Winter Park.




Four-Star General and Former U.S. National Drug Policy Director Barry McCaffrey,

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