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**UPDATED** Feedback: Guide to Total Bummer 4EVER 2013

August 27, 2013

8-28 MUS Feedback Bummer 5

Total Bummer takes over Mills 50 Aug. 29-31, and I’m pretty excited to see how this year’s festival goes down. Here’s the Facebook event for info on day passes and full festival passes and the full lineup of bands. As promised in this month’s Feedback (Aug. 28), here’s my suggested itinerary to maximize your bumming (but it’s a great lineup, as we’ve come to expect, so you really can’t do no wrong.) For now, these are the bands I’d say don’t miss (!!), but as of now, set times have not been posted. I will update this itinerary once I get access to that info.

5:30 p.m. Teenage Priests @ Will’s Pub
6 p.m. Bois @ Uncle Lou’s (what. they are practically next door.)
6:30 p.m. Jensen Serf Company @ Will’s Pub
7 p.m. Aloonaluna @ Uncle Lou’s
7:30 p.m. Me Chinese @ Will’s Pub
8:30 p.m. Woolly Bushmen @ Will’s Pub
9 p.m. Plush Monsters @ Uncle Lou’s
10:30 p.m. Hussy @ Will’s Pub
11 p.m. Colorsphere @ Uncle Lou’s
midnight Vacation Dad @ Uncle Lou’s
1 a.m. Alias Punch @ Uncle Lou’s
1:30 a.m. Golden Pelicans @ Will’s Pub

5 p.m. Round Robin showcase @ Orange Gallery
7 p.m. Southern Nights @ Will’s Pub
8 p.m. Emily Reo @ Orange Gallery
8:30 p.m. Meth Dad @ Orange Gallery (Brasky Showcase)
9 p.m. Sea Cycles @ Orange Gallery
9:30 p.m. Messy Sparkles @ Orange Gallery (Brasky Showcase)
10:30 p.m. Jamaican Queens @ Orange Gallery (Brasky Showcase)
11 p.m. Levek @ Orange Gallery
midnight Helado Negro @ Orange Gallery OR Lord Scrummage @ Will’s Pub
1:15 a.m. Japanther @ Will’s Pub

8-28 MUS Feedback Bummer 4

4:30 p.m. TUSSIN @ Peacock
5:30 p.m. Quiet People @ Peacock OR Austin Paul @ Orange Gallery (Relief in Abstract Showcase)
6 p.m. Alligator Indian @ Orange Gallery (Tiny Waves Showcase)
6:30 p.m. SALES @ Orange Gallery (Tiny Waves Showcase)
7:30 p.m. Out Go the Lights @ Orange Gallery (Tiny Waves Showcase)
8 p.m. Ironing @ Lil Indies
9 p.m. Yung Life @ Orange Gallery (Tiny Waves Showcase)
9:30 p.m. Wet Nurse @ Peacock
10:30 p.m. Marble @ Orange Gallery (Relief in Abstract Showcase)
11 p.m. The Dewars @ Lil Indies
11:30 p.m. Fortune Howl @ Orange Gallery
midnight The Dream Scene @ Orange Gallery (Tiny Waves Showcase)
1 a.m. Moon Jelly @ Orange Gallery (Tiny Waves Showcase)
1:30 a.m. XXYYXX @ Orange Gallery(Relief in Abstract Showcase)

Here’s a playlist that samples most of the bands I’d recommend checking out. Use it to figure out what you like before you miss out on the set!


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