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David Siegel’s wife, Jacqueline Siegel, tells Sentinel she wants ‘Queen of Versailles’ reality show

August 28, 2013
Jackie Siegel poses with a copy of Orlando Weekly at showing of 'Queen of Versailles' at the Enzian.

Jackie Siegel poses with a copy of Orlando Weekly at showing of ‘Queen of Versailles’ at the Enzian.

Yesterday the Sentinel published a Q&A with Jacki Siegel, Queen of Versailles star and wife of wealthy local businessman David Siegel (oh, he of dubious emails to employees about Obama, owner of Westgate Resorts timeshares and former partner in now-defunct Orlando attraction Mystery Fun House).

In it, she tells the paper that she wants the rights to her life back. When the Siegels agreed to make the movie, they sold the rights to their story to filmmaker Lauren Greenfield, then sued Greenfield and the Sundance Film Festival for defamation after the film was released. The Siegels can’t embark on any new TV or film opportunities until the suit over who owns their life story is resolved.

By the way – remember that Versailles-palace style house the Siegels were constructing in Windermere that they put up for sale partially finished? Well, it’s no longer for sale and the Siegels have begun construction on it again. They say it ought to be completed in 2015.

  • alex

    “up for sail”

  • JAC

    I thought they were divorced

  • karen

    For someone who has so much she is the worst tipper in Orlando!!!