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City to pay Orlando Magic to rent police HQ it already owns. Wait, what?

August 20, 2013

Did you read today’s Sentinel story about the city’s plans strike a deal with the Orlando Magic to sell Orlando Police Department HQ and a city parking garage for $12.7 million? Go check it out and read past the part where you start to think TL;DR. Because the most infuriating part of the story is just below the quote from Doug Head:

Even after the sale, the police can’t move out until a new police station is built, so they’ll continue to stay in the building — and could pay as much as $100,000-per-year rent to the Magic until they leave.

So in short: We’re about to cut the Magic a sweet deal on city-owned property that currently makes the city approximately $260,000 per year in parking fees, then we’re going to have to incur the cost of building a new police station because we sold the old one out from under ourselves, and in the meantime we’ll pay the Magic $100,000 per year in rent to stay in the current police station.

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  • Rick

    If the Orlando Magic were a real NBA team they might be worth all this BS