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Warlocks rising or Discovery Channel sinking to a new low?

July 30, 2013


In my original post about the first episode of Warlocks Rising Discovery Channel’s epic failure, I claimed the show was required viewing for Floridians, and my reasoning for this was, “the more you know, right?”

Well, it turns out that if Discovery Channel learned anything about the underground subculture of Florida biker club the Warlocks, they definitely weren’t letting the viewers in on it. Instead, the reality series had a sincere disconnect between its teasers (Violence! Drugs! Death!) and what it delivered (None! Of! These!), to the disappointment of anyone who raised an eyebrow at what they claimed the show would be. Each episode brought along boring tangents, non-club business and a lot of incidents that frankly seemed staged.

If you didn’t watch the series, consider yourself lucky. I’m about to give away a bunch of spoilers, but really, the show spoils itself by trolling Floridians and those intrigued by biker clubs and masquerading as genuine Warlock material when, really, it’s cut from the same cloth as SEO copywriting. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who felt this way, as you’ll see from the Twitter reactions I’ve interspersed in the reviews, which I was able to track with DC’s helpful #warlocksrising marketing prompt.

Warlocks Rising Followers


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  • mike

    Yo bud what’s your problem the shows about brother hood family and loyalty
    Not violence drugs and murder most motorcycle clubs are not about these things
    Some times a member of one of these clubs get into trouble and people think all bike clubs are bad there are who bad police officers that use drugs get hookers and lie about crime purely Kurupt on a power trip now do u think all cops are bad

  • Michael Arruda

    Dude who wrote this is obviously just looking to pick at and criticize as much as possible. The club is legit but I’m sure some stuff was added for show. Obviously not going to have the more serious club business featured on the show. This isn’t the devils ride here.

  • tytyukysa

    is it off the air

  • Tim Icenogle

    that is the real warlocks its not all grit and violence. they are very family oriented. did you know the they do atleast at a minimum 5 runs a year for charity, know what the hell ur talkin about before you bash something you could never comprehend.

  • manuel gonzales

    At least this is a real outlaw club…unlike those laffing devils idiots where they acted all dramatic like there gonna fight and never do and act over macho…but the warlocks are a real omgs with long history and respect

  • Steve

    The Slantenal is probably about the worst news source, I don’t give much credit to anything they write. Now the Kardasians, wow… that’s entertainment right? These media sources aren’t impressed with anything they don’t have a hand in fabricating.

  • Truth

    There less fag on that queer eye show

  • Aaron Paul

    I came upon the show by accident a few hours ago and so far I like it. The brotherhood thing is very refreshing to see. Plus I’ll be moving to Florida once I join the Navy and experience my own brotherhood real soon and its some cool insight for me.


    My god never have i seen such stupid shit wrote as i do here dosent matter if members are 2o or 60, the ones that critize them have no balls i am sure one them old school Brothers would love to take u to school.Knucks to the warlocks fuck the rest of you asses.