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Warlocks National LLC not psyched about Discovery Channel’s “Warlocks Rising” mini-series

July 24, 2013


Warlocks MC HQ in Orlando

Warlocks MC HQ in Orlando

On July 5, the Discovery Channel premiered a new show called Warlocks Rising, a documentary mini-series that takes a look behind the scenes of the mysterious and notorious Warlocks Motorcycle Club, which has its mother chapter in Orlando (the clubhouse is right off Edgewater Drive just north of Lee Road). Within days, the club’s national responded with a carefully worded press release that expresses … let’s just call it disapproval of the show. The press release is below:


A documentary series will be released on Friday, July 5, 2013 to be aired on the Discovery Channel entitled “Warlocks Rising.” This documentary purports to depict some members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in various personal activities and in various club activities and events. The depictions aired during this series will be the result of the participation of individuals and of the editing process utilized by the publisher. Nothing depicted in this series should be interpreted as being approved or ratified by the Warlocks National, LLC, or any individual chapter or member of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Indeed, there are many members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club who do not approve of this series nor the activities and opinions depicted or expressed therein.

Roger B. Butcher, P.A.
Attorney for Warlocks National, LLC

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  • tim

    I think the show is AWSOME and its about time the media reports life as it is instead of sensationalizing on racial and political motives throughout these United States.. WAY TO GO DISCOVERY CHANNEL !!!! Keep up the great work !!!

  • Granny

    The show is great! It does not glorify nor denigrate the club, it just shows what it is like to belong to the brotherhood and the bonds of the club. Way to go Discovery Channel and Warlocks Rising!

  • LB101st

    It is a great show…

  • Diesel

    Just want to tell Slob, I would appreciate it if he would hang the Flag that’s on his garage door the correct way…
    The blue field is always top left, if its vertical or horizontal.

  • Pat

    The show is great. Finally a show my husband and I can watch and enjoy.

  • Sean

    I think it’s funny that the attorney posts a statement like that!! REALLY .???? He must think the public is STUPID!! There is NO WAY any chapter or it’s members can participate in a show without the CLUBS FULL APPROVAL by national . GIVE ME A BREAK! Not only that but national would have to approved everything that was filmed and edited before it goes on the air.
    It’s a AWESOME SHOW! The national did their club a disservice and way to show ” we support our brothers” . So they give approval then take the money, then have their attorney write that? Way to turn on your brothers ! The show was trying to show JOHN Q PUBLIC that yes you guys are badasses but not all are stupid illiterate drunk drug addicts constantly doing illegal things . But there are actually intelligent hard working guys that have families and own businesses and have BRAINS and DON’T DO ILLEGAL THIINGS. again there are ALWAYS a few bad apples that have to ruin it for everyone
    This show got so many positive reviews and was a must see at my business establishment.
    You would think after giving their approval for the show they wouldn’t turn on their “brothers” Bottom line if THEY didn’t want it made , THEY shouldn’t have approved it from the get go

  • Pete Tracy

    Its a good show to let the public no its a brotherhood thing and not just a bunch of reckless 1% er outlaw bikers doing what they want, but on the same token they will deal with any bullshit that comes there way and that’s good, I have nothing but respect for this club, I have always kept up with them and would accept any of them in my house and or property simply because they are respectful and my kind of people!!!! somewere in hazzard ky pete

  • JonBoy 1%er

    This club is a pure embarrassment! Im glad I dropped that war chicken patch. They left my Brother Jody !%er on the side of the road to die alone, they stopped long enough to empty his pockets. Big John is a snitch, he talks to cops of every stripe to stay out of jail. He throws his own brothers under the bus to save his worthless hide. Ask slob rob how his brothers jumped him in a meeting, real brotherhood. Love JonBoy 1%er

  • Gooch

    I look at it this way you want to know what brotherhood is what it’s like to be free feel the breeze in ur knees get off the couch buy a bike and go see for yourself we all know1% bikers are not what the cops the Feds or the media what you to believe they are some of the nicest guys you will ever meet just don’t act like a jackass the show sucked all these so calf real life shows do go find out fit yourselves

  • Whitey 1%er

    Did you drop the bird or did the bird drop you ??? I know the truth !! You got dropped !!!!!

  • Brew Pub

    If you people think this show depicts the “biker lifestyle” or for that matter that Sons of Anarchy reflects it either are just disconnected to reality. This isn’t it folks. Shows like this are bullshit , this is the chanel that swore mermaids are real lets remember before we site them as accurate. I have spent time with Outlaws in Ohio , Bandido’s in Montana and HA’s in California. This isn’t real , this is scripted t.v.


    Diesel, A camera man used it to cover something that couldn’t
    be seen on tv. I thought the stars (Blue field) were always on the
    left. Google soldiers uniform flags. You will see we were both wrong.
    There are hundreds of pictures both ways.


    You are a hundred % right. I’ve never seen that attorney without a drink in his hand.
    check out his back ground and how many cases he has taken to trial. Why are the warlocks not using him for the VFW murder trial that is going on in Sanford. The reason some warlocks are bitchen about the show is because they were not in it.
    pure jealousy. They turn on their brothers all the time. Every one on the show was kicked out or punished.There will be a book on the making of the show and the bull-
    shit that goes on. The only bad things i read on the web. are from the jealous jerk off’s. There are thousands of comments on the web, From other bike clubs and
    none patch riders that loved the show. And that’s what really matters to me. The
    ones bitchen about the show are the few you were talking about in your comment.


    He is right.Big john is a snitch it will all come out at the trial.He gave the cops anything they wanted. Its all in the discovery.And if they don’t plea the murder down to a lesser charge everyone will find out what he did. The new president of the Orlando chapter called the police and testified on a guy for grabbing a note book off the dash of his car.Anyone can check out this case. It’s all public info. Case#2012-MM-4076 State of Florida (Petros spiros Nanolatos nickname NOBODY VS. Clyde Fretwell. I have his deposition. It was Tuesday, January 22, 2013 It’s pretty funny.

  • nitemare

    These posers are a Joke and liars. The real WARLOCKs wear RED and White colors and started in Philly. Not some choaked chicken and a bunch of bitches filling holes in the ground. JOs Your end is Near! Lmao

  • Kevin Murphy

    So, I take it those 4 episodes are all we are going to see? Pretty sad to see the grief that comes with being in the camera, and how the bonds between the club are so easily frayed. I can understand why things turned out the way they did, but the backbiting is really disheartening, especially the stuff with the Philly club

  • Whitey 1%er

    It seems your a little bitter about being kicked out Slob !!! Cant say I blaim ya but that show really shouldve never happened !!

  • rockford

    I can see where everyone has a right to say what they want. Problem with social media and these blogs is that they often get used and reviewed in court cases that may come up later.
    The old school was, “what you see here stays here when you leave here.”:
    Somehow when people break up or split up, there may be an air of vindictiveness. Later, people such as LEO use that for their cases. Think about what you say.


    I don’t know where you got your info. I didn’t get kicked out.
    I turned in my shit. So did John Boy. Kicked me out ? (That’s funny)
    Wait till you read the book about the show. Then see what really
    happened. Or just come on over to St. Pete, And i will tell you
    what the happened. Face to Face i’m not a computer guy. Im at bike
    night every Wed night .Looking for Clw.Randy, So i can knock him the fuck out. Come on over you might have some fun. LOL

  • female28MA

    Hey slob, sorry about ur home, so devestating and truly heart wrenching, im sure the members helped u get back on ur feet and hope u had a quick recovery for ur grand kids…..i hate to see anyone bash big john though…i dont know your club or anyone else other than big john, however i can speak on his defense regarding being a snitch…he is an amazing guy and i know he would never talk to law enforcement….he hates law enforcement ! Never met someone that has so much devotion and dedication to something and that club is something he way he would risk the club to talk to cops…..i actually enjoyed the show and hope u all are safe and ur grandchildren and ur wife is doing better….


    Thanks, John is lucky to have a friend like you.

  • Whitey 1%er

    I mean no disrespect to you Slob !! But were I get my info will never ne told !! But it comes from good a good source i wish things didnt turn out the way they did and I plan on reading the book im not a computer guy either im a biker and would love to sit down and talk but i dont think its cool calling people snitches and shit on the internet !!

  • Get Sum Get Right

    I have seen many club members in different clubs turn on each other in this manner…..some of the craziest people I have known in my life ended up as snitches. When money, notoriety, or the fear of going to jail come in to play it can tear a club apart…….bottom line is you can be there for your people or other club members but when a person has something to gain or their backs are against a wall and no one is looking people can turn on each other. I actually liked the show everyone knows in a show like that there isn’t going to be any real club business not to mention anything that is done that is recorded and is illegal. Unfortunately this club allowed the discovery channel to come in and rip it apart internally. I know you guys were trying to show people that your club isn’t filled with douchbags and dumbasses but a 1% club shouldn’t care what the public thinks. It’s to bad brothers allowed a couple of bucks and some “hey mom I’m on TV” to step in front what they know is right. I bet when it first came to be that you guys never thought you would step on each other, throw each other under a bus, snitch, turn on each other, and drop or be dropped from something you swore was one of the most important things in your life. Just goes to show people are naturally self destructive. Something to think about.

  • NYrichard

    Wow, leave it to you. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw you! Good luck. It’s Richard, I sold Blake the property, you tattooed Groucho. Tell Kim I said hi

  • Therealjonboy

    Id sure like to know who the hell this jonboy guy is, because im jonboy. I didnt post on this stupid article, and I dont appreciate my god damn name being used for some pussy who cant speak for himself to popp off at the mouth. These comments are NOT mine, and whoever you are, your a punk ass bitch, and you sir, can eat a dick! Oh yeah, and fuck you slob. Keep my god damn name out of your mouth, speak for yourself, or come see me! Seriously!

  • Vinny Vega

    This Show Is So FUCKING Bad Ass! I Need To SEE MORE!!! Now This Is Real Reality TV Not Some Scripted “Reality” Tv Show! I Seen It Today For The Forst Time And I Had To Record It So I Can Watch It Again, It’s So Raw!!! LONG LIVE WARLOCKS MC!!!

  • NYrichard

    I’d like to recant. It looks like you have your hands full and my excitement suddenly went sour when I saw the rest of the story. I wish your famlily the best in the future.

  • Big John 1%er

    thanks Jonboy, i’ve kept quite till now, but i dare anyone to show where i have ever ratted, or talked to LE and snitched out anyone !!!!! i dare you !!!! your a cancerous fake slob, you even have people believing your house was fire bombed, its discovery, couldnt get any more fake !!! the only real thing in that show was some douche rearing ending you on your bike. and if that wasnt a fact i wowuld say that it was staged too..
    and aren’t you the guy that got caught with a kilo of cocaine and never saw a day of jail time ????? maybe cause your daddy was a cop ????? maybe cause your a rat !!!! people look up his name, RAT RAT RAT and the same guy the dailed 911 when you saw a homeless guy break into a bar and steal a six pack of beer, then followed him to make sure the cops arrested him and he was sent to jail !!!! you are the rat !!!!! one big fake ass sorry RAT !!!!!! prove to anyone i snitched and i will hang up my patch and walk away !!!!!

  • Therealjonboy

    There is no need to thank me Big John, I thank anyone who questioned this post by whoever is pretending to be me on here. I have a few ideas too, maybe start putting them on blast since that is absolutely what they just tried to do to me. I quit the wrong way, and im sorry for that, but this is some bullshit right here, and I feel obligated to clear this up. I have no problems with the Warlocks Nation, in fact I would like to make things right. Its posers like these fucks that may have made that an impossibility now. Lets hope not!

  • Doug Thomsen

    so is this show done? to bad ,from what i saw looked better than sons

  • Doug Thomsen

    too bad its gone!!!!


    Thanks Richard, Alls good. Next time your in town stop by. Blake has my number




    Kilo of coke ? It was two OZs. I took it to trial its all public knowledge.
    Pinellas County. My dad was a cop in the late 50s in south fl. So as always you don’t know what the fuck your talking about. Your the jerk off that hides behind a patch. I’LL catch you one day. Then your ass is mine. If you think its ok for A crackhead to break in to a business trash the bar and steal anything.That just shows what kind of scumbag you are. You shouldn’t talk about TV. Everyone is still laughing about your appearance on gangland.Trying to act like A tough guy.The whole club knows your a little bitch. Anytime you want to meet me let me know.You got my number. Ill cut your bitch tits
    off and shove then down your mouth. LOL


    Great. I would love to sit down and talk to you.Your right I shouldn’t
    say that on the web.and i don’t think i ever have before. But that jerk off would never face me. And i didn’t think you meant any disrespect. I have access to the discovery that can prove what i’m talking about.

  • Big John 1%er

    LMAO your a carny wrestler mark punk, everything you say is lies, like your cancer a few years ago ???? lies !!! i am who i am, i never promoted myself as a wresting tv star cause your a fake punk, as for a crack head trashing a bar, you should have beat his ass instead of dialing 911 and following him like a rat you fucking cancerous rat cocksucker. RAT RAT RAT

  • NOLA girl

    The show was great I would have liked to see more than four episodes and what kind of brotherhood club would kick out members for finally putting a positive spin on their club!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck Slob Rob in your future endeavors! How is your wife doing? Lupus is not an easy disease to live with. Keep the faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wrenchman1%er

    Bwahahahahahahaha…….slob your just too funny !!!! Help me somebody call me an ambulance…..I scratch my cornea sticking my head up my ass… fucking fraud!!! Your not worth karma you cum guzzling cock sucker
    You ain’t got the balls to even look at big john, he’d stomp a new mud hole in you. Go drink more of your cum flavored cool aid …..

  • Reverend


  • Rev. Ike


  • PK

    so everyone is kicked out? What about the main mother chapter president? Honestly I didn’t even know who you guys were until I got drunk with one of them in west palm.. It was a show and no different than like the fucking 100’s of documentaries of clubs like the hells angels. And I would love to learn to ride, I just realize I would suck at it so maybe i could start a club called the vespa vatos or something

  • DirtMan

    Slob snitched remember 1992 Slob well there’s a few that do two to be specific we remember your a phoney that should have never plaster you face on TV snitchboy. We never forget and make sure youll get a refresher soon in case your that fried, RedDog…

  • Gerry Persowich

    We just started to get it up here in Toronto Canada.There were a few episodes then it disappeared! What happened to the show?




  • Dellvostro

    wasnt it slob rob who was in another club prior to warlocks and need protection to go and get his ex wifes remains? what was up with that? Ive met some older warlocks and big john and he and they were nothing but straight up. I seriously doubt any of the accusations regarding big john.

  • cutter

    I was thinking the same thing! these guys spewing at each other on here,,, what a joke. hiding behind a screen. what happened to the days when you faced people?

  • Memy SelfAndi

    It wasnt Slob, You are thinkin of Shotgun. Im watchin that episode right now. Slob’s Wife has Lupus & I hope She is doing OK with it……….

  • scuba

    I miss this show

  • Julian Salisbury

    I saw their MMA night and it was an utter joke of about half a dozen people watching……and the idea of the intruder breaking in to steal giant tortoises……well, wearing a bright clean white t-shirt seemed odd to me…..if u want to be seen at night wear white!