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Local musicians: New project wants your songs about Florida

July 23, 2013

State Your Song

An art project called Photamerica that seeks to document each U.S. state through photography and resident interviews is opening the project up further, but they need local musicians around the country to help them.

The project has birthed a second initiative called State Your Song. The idea is for the Photamerica artists to create state-specific music videos that pull in footage and photos from Photamerica and set them to songs created by musicians of that state. It sounds kind of dreamy and perfect, especially for musicians who love their states. But naturally, I want Florida to have the best video, so if anybody on this list of 147 Orlando bands (please forgive me if any old ones are still lingering; if you haven’t noticed yet, I have a penchant for nostalgia) feels up to the challenge, please (pretty please?) submit your song

And if you’re missing from my Orlando band list, comment (so I can add you) with your band’s Facebook or email so I can keep an eye on what you’re working on. Thanks and good luck putting how you feel about our complicated (but still great) state into song.

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