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George is my co-pilot: What’s the truth of the Zimmerman SUV story?

July 25, 2013
George Zimmerman's new press agent has a few thoughts on Syria.

George Zimmerman’s new press agent has a few thoughts on Syria.

It’s bizarrely ironic how the term “wag the dog” has become almost synonymous with utter gullibility. These days, when somebody responds to a current-events story with the remark “It’s just like that movie Wag the Dog,” the odds are strong that the guy is an undiscriminating conspiracy junkie who will believe any crackpot theory the Internet can puke up all over him.

What’s sad about that is that it reduces news analysis to an all-or-nothing proposition; it crowds out nuance. There’s no room left to process the numerous instances in which our deepest suspicions may not be borne out by the facts, but the official version of events doesn’t pass the smell test, either.

Witness the reaction to the curious tale of George Zimmerman’s highway Good Samaritan act. When it was revealed that the Mad Killer of Sanford had helped pull a family from their overturned SUV, a lot of people’s bullshit detectors went off. Coming just a few days after Zimmerman’s highly controversial exoneration, such an overt show of heroism had to be a publicity stunt – right?

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  • Chas Holman

    Well Steve.. ya got me thinking..

  • Joey

    So are you another moron that can look at facts and ignore them. O’Mara painted Trayvon as a thug without evidence, really??? Do you do your own research or just spew what other idiots say without proof?

  • pachrismith

    Funny how Reuters, independently of O’Mara, published an article that painted Zimmerman to be very similar to the characterization presented by the defense. You need to pay attention to the facts, not the hysteria and race hustling going on – but you’re probably not going to let a good indignation be influenced by the facts – are you!

  • lily weeks

    You insinuate the death threats aren’t real? Is that why a kid in Chicago was arrested after tweeting that he was going to kill white people if GZ was acquitted? (my word, not theirs, too big).

    How about you just do a little thing called “google” and see just how many tweets are out there threatening to kill him.
    The weekly is getting as bad as the sentinel.

  • who would have guessed?

    This is just another “rag” article that should be printed out and used to wrap fish! One person’s consensus does NOT make a theory a reality. Leave GZ alone and you race baiters get a life! It is history……… with it like normal people do and not like some kind of predatory gang member.

  • LoveGod1962


  • runsinquicksand


  • Truther

    It’s funny how progressives paint libertarians as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists because we warned of a bloated, aggressive, imperial foreign policy dictated by the military-industrial complex (since then: drone murders, Bahrain, Syria, Iran, Fast & Furious), a state run panopticon and removal of the 4th amendment (since then: NSA/Prism, Snowden, Manning, Hastings), the failures and corruption behind the central bank/fiat currency system (Since 2007: the continued corruption and collusion between banks like BoA, HSBC, Goldman Sachs – see their latest aluminum scam), and the seizing of personal income by the government (See Detroit – could turn out like Cypress) BUT a media conspiracy orchestrated by a fat, broke, lower-middle class Central Floridian is completely plausible. The overly PC approach to this and the bloodthirsty race baiting is in itself racist and the reason this idiot got off scott-free. Go back to focusing on gay marriages so nobody gets hurt.

  • Rick

    I wish I had that 3 minutes of my life back.

  • Carlos

    What a crap article. How thin is your potential article notebook if you have to speculate over 1000 words on total bunk? How (besides crap rags like the sun and the OW) do you get paid for this? The story is dead – you should have known that when Nancy Grace left.

  • Angie

    Well, the first part I agree with you and I think most liberals agree with you but look at those representing the face of libertarianism, people like Rand Paul. I mean the republican party is still debating evolution and how old the Earth is. Libertarians are holed up in that mess. Big business got in bed with guns and Jesus and it is holding the whole country hostage. My guess is by what you posted you must be for financial regulations.

    And on the George Zimmerman being able to fake an SUV rescue, well supposedly he raised $250,000 on his website. He has a lot of supporters which I don’t understand since at the very least he engaged in some really irresponsible behavior that lead to a child being killed. However, no, I don’t think Zimmerman alone could pull it off but he has some crazy supporters willing to donate lots of money and maybe even stage a PR campaign.

  • V SS

    this was staged. give me a break. phone records show minutes after the crash his buddy cop called him and low and behold he appears there, plus he had a radio (wanna be cop) that received info. hopefully his life will be forever clouded by his murder of an innocent child. and that he will never be a cop, an attorney, an investigator or whatever other position of power he wishes to hold.