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For Reels Sunday Roundup — July 21st, 2013

July 21, 2013


I know I’ve been guilty of posting trailers for Hayao Miyazaki’s new film The Wind is Rising (which opened in theaters in Japan yesterday), but the collective e-jizzing over the 4 minute trailer that came out on Friday calls for a pretty big Whoa Nelly There.

The film looks great, like classic Miyazaki, though it’s getting mixed reviews so far from movie goers (adults: “awesome!”, kids: “zzzzzz”). But calm the fuck down.

It’ll be a long time before we get to see it. It has no American distributor as of yet, and it’s not kid exactly friendly so don’t count on Disney pulling the trigger on it despite John Lassetter’s open manlove for Miyazaki. The fact that it has no distributor yet might mean a few hundred lucky people will get to see it at the Toronto International Film Fest (though I tend to doubt it), but for the rest of us the general turnaround is about 2 years from the Japanese release of a Ghibli film to the American release. This year’s GKids release of From Up on Poppy Hill (written by Hayao Miyazaki and directed by his son Goro) was originally released in 2011 in Japan, and last year’s Arrietty was released in 2010 in Japan. Ponyo was around a year, but was very kid friendly and was released by Disney who backed it heavily.

News, links, etc:

I’ve decided to skip over Comic Con news because it’s so ubiquitous. It’s not like you don’t already know that Batman will be in Man of Steel 2, or that Avengers 2 is going to be Age of Ultron.

-The shooting in Aurora was one year ago this weekend and the trial is going very slowly. (NPR)

-Horror film writer Lianne “Spiderbaby” MacDougall has admitted to plagiarizing others’ works in her own criticism on websites and in publications like FEARnet and Fangoria. Personally, I don’t even need a whole hand to count the horror films I’ve enjoyed in my life, so I’m not at all familiar with her work (or, you know, others’ work that she called her own), but it’s still pretty bad. Who gives a shit who her boyfriend is? (Impossible Funky)

-Filmmaker Magazine’s annual 25 New Faces of Film. Two filmmakers I’ve written about on the blog, Eliza Hittman and Leah Shore, made it onto this year’s list. (Filmmaker)

-In this piece on Dreamworks Animation and the ascendance of chief creative office Bill Damaschke, Brave co-director Brenda Chapman accuses Pixar head John Lassetter of micromanagement and egotism. Hardly a surprising accusation. Though Chapman is the most famous of Pixar’s fired directors, it’s actually a tradition at the studio that goes back to Toy Story 2. (NY Times)

-The new Calvin Klein ad features Rooney Mara and was directed by David Fincher.

-A look at Cameron Crowe’s career as a young (and maybe too enthusiastic) rock journalist. (The Dissolve)

-In case you want to relive 1998, Ginger Spice has you covered with her new show. (Vulture)

-Nic Cage would like to clear some things up with you. (Guardian)

-Marlon Brando did a screen test for Rebel Without a Cause and you should watch it. (Playlist)

-More silent footage discovered, this time a piece of a missing Buster Keaton short wherein he proposes to his girl while being chased by a heavy. (Guardian)

-Just how awful, stinky, bad and generally no good was R.I.P.D.? Wesley Morris investigates. (Grantland)

-Is Spike Lee about to peace out after Oldboy? (HitFlix)

Trailers, posters, etc:

-Christoph Waltz in Terry Gilliam’s Zero Theorem. Gilliam hasn’t made a good film in a long time, but this could be it. The “Not for Distribution” watermark on the video tells me that this video will probably be deleted soon. (Awards Daily)

-Is the “bold narrative” of Metallica Through the Never based on The Four Horsemen? There is some kind of connection to be made from the trailer from Comic Con. (Apple)

-This is the second Catching Fire poster where the painting doesn’t really look like Jennifer Lawrence. (Yahoo)

-Speaking of, I’m sure you’ve already seen the Catching Fire trailer. (Yahoo)

-Southcliffe, a new limited series from Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene) starring Eddie Marsan, Kaya Scodelario and Shirley Henderson. (The Film Stage)

-Benedict Cumberbatch is Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate. (First Showing)

-WB remade The Unforgiven in Japan with Ken Watanabe. (YT)

-I warned against getting so excited so early at the top of this post, but I really can’t wait for Lukas Moodysson’s We’re the Best! to be released. It’s about a group of young punk rockers, based on a graphic novel by Coco Moodysson. (Twitch)

-Rio 2, because why not I guess? (Animation Scoop)

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