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Two More Mickey Mouse Shorts Online, “Yodelberg” and “New York Weenie”

June 30, 2013


Didn’t expect another Mickey short to pop up online so soon, but here are two brand new Mickey shorts to keep you busy.

The Alps-set Yodelberg features Mickey and Minnie Mouse trying to meet each other while not setting off an avalanche. This is more along the lines of a “classic” Mickey Cartoon, though they went with some photorealistic touches that stick out a little bit.

In New York Weenie Mickey chases Minnie’s escaped hot dog through central park. The 10 second rule does not exist in Central Park, Minnie!

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve warmed up to the new style or if Croissant de Triomphe just wasn’t as good as the three subsequent shorts, but I’m really enjoying this new direction. Disney gets shit on a lot by animation fans (especially outside of America), but these are as fine as anything the European or American art colleges are churning out, indeed they are significantly better than most of the animated shorts I’ve seen recently (yes, yes, professional animation resources, money, etc). There is plenty of room in the world for both Mickey and Sylvain Chomet.

(Source: Cartoon Brew)

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  • isabella

    This is so funny when he goes shhh to the big bad thing and he said oh uh braah