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Superman Art Show: Celebrating 75 Years of the Man of Steel

June 1, 2013
"Kent"  by Daniel Haas

“Kent” by Daniel Haas

Saturday, June 1 – Superman Art Show: Celebrating 75 Years of the Man of Steel
6-9 p.m., exhibit through July 5
Acme Superstore
905 E. State Road 434, Longwood

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s Acme’s next art event, and this time around we celebrate 75 years of “The Man of Steel.” And if you aren’t already, this art show opens just in time to get you pumped for the new Superman reboot set to open this summer. Comic book nerds (er, enthusiasts) will showcase artwork inspired by the Superman universe – expect to see work by local artists including Jamile Johnson, Amy Watkins, Brian Demeter, May Hayes and others. Consider this your chance to renovate the Fortress of Awesome-tude and design it the way you always imagined. Those of us who aren’t blessed with artistic talents can enjoy interviews and live coverage by the Played Out Podcast, nerd-prov interactive comedy performances by Six Degrees Improv and a Kid Corner for the tyke Kryptonian fans. Admission is free and all ages are welcome, as long as they abide by “truth, justice and the American way.” – Kelly Chambers

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  • your mom

    calling us nerds hasnt that gotten old for you fools yet since 2 of the top 3 highest grossing movies of all times are comic book movies you people are closed mined. you need to get your heads out of your asses and actually read about these characters you will learn how to be a better person from following them than you would following the kardashians. its 2013 and these characters are as big now as they have ever been you are all close mined idoits for calling us nerds you are all stupid vapid celeb obbessed fools alteast if a kid reads superman or batman he learns that striving to be the best of humanity will make you a better person in general. unlike the self absorbed people you so called mainstream people tend to put on pedistals how make bad role models for our children. i grew up reading comics like superman, batman, and ive grew up to protect people as a police officer becuase the characters like them taught me the greatest thing in my life one man can make a differance in our world not matter how small and i have lived my life by that principle ever since. to bad the rest of you didnt learn how to care for you fellow man.

  • LSD

    i call bullshit.