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Sing along with two-man band the Front Bottoms at Will’s Pub

June 7, 2013
photo by Mark Jaworski

photo by Mark Jaworski

Friday, June 7 – The Front Bottoms
with Weatherbox, Jr. Meowzer
8 p.m.
Will’s Pub
1042 N. Mills Ave.

Staking out a position that’s roughly somewhere between “nerdy” and “goofy,” the two-man band known as the Front Bottoms sound like the kind of indie rock that a sitcom on a second-tier cable network has a character play when they want to signify quirky creativity. There’s image-dense and humorous lyricism coupled with relentlessly upbeat folk-rock arrangements that, at first blush, make these guys sound like a community college take on the Mountain Goats or a less-studied version of the Weakerthans, but with a more pronounced debt to jokey ’90s college rock. Every single track on the group’s new album, Talon of the Hawk, seems custom-crafted for ecstatic live singalongs, with pounding, straightforward acoustic guitar chords and lots of “whoa-oa”s and “hey-hey”s, so this show is bound to be a rollicking blast. – Jason Ferguson

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