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Short Film Friday: Short Films Masquerading as Music Videos

June 21, 2013


“Q.U.E.E.N.” by Janelle Monae (ft. Erykah Badu)
Dir: Alan Ferguson
Runtime: 6m
Album: The Electric Lady (Due September 2013)

Fresh off of her brilliant futuristic Metropolis suite, Monae sheds her android messiah persona and is reborn in the opposite role: a rebel from the past awoken in the future, also to deliver a message.


First Love Never Die by Soko
Dir: Soko & Matthew Gray Gubler
Runtime: 4:30
Album: I Thought I Was an Alien

The serene Casio sound of the French bohemian Soko is set perfectly in sync to the lyrics in this wistful 8mm short film about first love, one of several she made for new album I Thought I Aas an Alien. We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow (NSFW) is also well worth a look.


Runaway by Kanye West
Dir: Kanye West
Runtime: 35m
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The incredibly annoying American Psycho-inspired” short starring Scott Disick that was released this week to promote Yeezus got me thinking about all of this music video short film stuff in the first place, and it’s only right to to go to the most grand short film music video of them all, Runaway. Kanye has always been kind of crazy, even before this Yeezus stuff. Sometimes it’s a damned admirable level of crazy though. Sometimes it puts something crazy original and amazing into the world, and this is that time that proves the power of the image is pure and doesn’t necessarily need a linear context, all it needs is a basic through line to stir something up in us.

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