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Short Film Friday — Breaking Up and Breaking In

June 28, 2013


Dir: Dustin Bowser & Brie Larson
Runtime: 4m

This Eternal Sunshine-esque  short starring Brie Larson and Satya Bhabha as two lovers breaking up played SXSW earlier this year, where it won a lot of praise for its inventive, slightly askew take on the modern breakup. This surreal, effects heavy short is how breakups feel.

There is also a pretty cool breakdown video of how they did the film’s final special effect.


Dir: Michael Cera
Runtime: 4m

The latest short from the comedy collective JASH stars Michael Cera and Aubrey Plaza having an awkward yet endearing moment during a home invasion.


What is Neorealism?
Dir: Kogonada
Runtime: 5m
Sight & Sound Magazine

In this video essay for the British Film Institue, Kogonada breaks down the form of cinema in the two different cuts of Vitorio di Sica’s Terminal Station, which was later recut by David O. Selznick (and renamed Indiscretion of an American Wife) to better highlight its stars, Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift. The film is available from Criterion, but I don’t see it on their Hulu+ channel unfortunately.

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