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Food Truck fans start new Facebook page

June 5, 2013
la empanada


Food Trucks and their fans in Orlando have started a new Facebook page to keep people informed about the new rules and regulations the city recently passed regarding “mobile food vending.” As we reported in Happytown this week, the new food truck temporary use permit is in effect now, and trucks will have to begin abiding by the regulations immediately (although the city says it will be educating food truck owners about the new rules before slapping people with violations). The city says this is a pilot program and it may be changed as time goes by.

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  • Jim F

    Does the City Fathers not have anything that needs attention, that they have to create one? Why not give your attention to economic problems, crime, community growth. Fortunately, the Food Trucks will be able to survive outside their realm of power, and become an embarrasment to those who created the ridiculous rules.
    They fail to remember that those citizens they incite are the ones they will need to get re-elected.

  • Jorge Maldonado

    that is very true these guys in power need to realize that we the people of this city are the ones who vote. if the community is happy with food trucks let it be. They could go ahead and eat in a fine dine restaurants. we should start a petition

  • mary stack

    food trucks make it work in many cities – I remember going to a Roti truck in NYC parked outside the Prudential building Monday-Friday during lunch hours at the Southstreet Seaport. The trucks are not a threat to local businesses if their food & service is good. Food trucks serve a niche – when you want something fast, don’t want to deal with restaurants, or you are just out strolling and want to nosh outside. Just another example of Orlando’s good ole boy assholism – quashing business because they are not getting their grift.
    Many times I have been downtime during lunch & said we need food trucks there so we could get something tasty & fast – that is not all the fast food garbage places we have way too many of.