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Catch a showing of cult classic Wild Zero at Odin’s Den

June 19, 2013

SEL - wild zeroWednesday, June 19 – Wild Zero Movie Night
10 p.m.
Odin’s Den
1335 Howell Branch Road, Winter Park

What better place to experience the band that recorded “the loudest CD in history” than at the Winter Park bar that regularly hosts the loudest bands in town? No, Guitar Wolf isn’t actually playing at Odin’s Den, but the next best thing is happening: a movie night featuring Wild Zero, the cult classic in which the Japanese rockabilly-thrash band saves the world from outer-space zombies. (Expect lots of splatter, lots of guitar solos and lots of pompadours being carefully rebuilt after lots of zombie ass is thoroughly kicked.) Matador Records, the label that made the aforementioned claim to historic loudness, also says of Guitar Wolf that their story proves that “if you rock hard enough, you can break the laws of physics.” Just try not to break any furniture … or bones. – Jessica Bryce Young

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