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Who’s Zimmerman Who?: The strange case of post-mortem character assasination in the Trayvon Martin trial

May 24, 2013


As loathe as we are to jump into the hornet’s nest of stereotypes and slurs effectively being summoned from the public by the twisted hive minds of George Zimmerman’s auspicious defense team (we’re not buying it, Mark O’Mara), we can’t exactly stay silent either. From what we can gather, we’re supposed to now believe that rather than being an innocent 17-year-old without a criminal record (which he was), Trayvon Martin was a product of a violent thug culture, a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow up in the face of a nosy neighborhood-watch volunteer with nothing better to do than trail a black kid around a gated community. Why are we supposed to believe this? Well, O’Mara et. al. yesterday released all of the contents of Martin’s big-talking cellphone that seemed fit for crafting a narrative. From the photos and texts released, we learn that, no, Martin probably didn’t look like an angel in a hoodie at the time of the 2012 incident, because, duh, he was 17 and all 17-year-olds look weird. Moreover, we see the photos of a gun, a pot plant, a kid with gold teeth, and a kid at one point blowing thick smoke through those gold teeth. In the text transcripts, we learn that Martin might have been a troubled kid from a broken home, one who liked to muse on guns, weed, sex, fighting and other things a lot of us might have texted about on our cell phones at one point in our lives or another. But, as most sane people have pointed out, none of this circumstantial character drafting could actually make a boy without a gun more dangerous than a man with a gun, especially when that gun was used to kill the boy. Also, most of the evidence probably won’t be admissible in court, so what exactly is the fire that O’Mara and Zimmerman mean to stoke, here? Is this a trial about all black kids and black culture being a threat BEFORE they are actually involved in crimes, therefore rendering self-defense more likely, but only in the court of public opinion where the evidence will be allowed? Because that makes perfect sense.

Here’s another scenario for you. Take a look at this picture:

Trayvon-on-a-horse-jpgSo, are we supposed to be scared that Martin could potentially trample somebody from atop this frightful equine monster? You never do know. Anyway, as the trial gets underway next month, expect more media manipulation from the Zimmerman camp, because that mob mixology sounds like a great way to ensure public safety and well being. Oh, and remember: Trayvon Martin didn’t do anything wrong and Trayvon Martin is dead. Perhaps that’s the narrative we should be paying attention to?

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  • theTruth

    why does it have to be about any of this. Why can’t it just be a kid in a hoodie that picked a fight with the wrong guy. Zimmermans story seems accurate. He was shot at point blank. self defense is legal. Its extremely sad. Zimmerman will not and should not go to jail. end of story. Parents need to teach there kids that they can’t just fight anyone, its illegal and they very well could get shot.

  • TheRealTerry

    The problem with that line of thinking is that we know these 2 facts: 1) Trayvon Martin was where he was supposed to be. 2) George Zimmerman followed Martin in his vehicle, and then exited his vehicle armed to chase and confront Martin. Explain to me knowing these 2 undisputed facts how Trayvon Martin was not protected under the stand your ground laws to face down Zimmerman and defend himself. Martin was going home and was unarmed. Zimmerman was chasing him and was armed. What you are saying is that it’s assault for Martin to defend himself in that situation, but it is self defense Zimmerman to do so. That makes no sense.

  • dmsday

    Wow mr reelterry, speaking of making no sense. you ole raconteur you. what you call “indisputable fact”, is actually what’s commonly known as “conjecture”.

    trevon martin was where he was supposed to be? trevon martins address was in Miami, and George Zimmerans address was in that neighborhood. you may want to “re-think” (which is kinda an oxymoron, because it implys you thought to begin with) that line of logic there inspector Clouseau.

  • dmsday

    billymane, assault is doing something wrong, and now trayvon is dead. There is no other reasonable explanation than trayvon martin assaulted George Zimmerman. none. the notion that Zimmerman, “tracked trayvon down”, doesn’t make any sense.

    Zimmerman had police on the phone, he knew they were coming. You expect me to believe, Zimmerman thought, “yeah, i’ll chase him down and kill him before the policed get here”? per the 911 transcript, Zimmerman: “I don’t know where this kid is”. So unless you want to argure that Zimmerman is a sociopathic criminal master mind.

    and last his character does matter. Your gaumless definition of “assignation”, is cowardly on it’s best merit..

  • Chas Holman

    Heh, in the days before the lad was murdered, I was eating more cannabis in one day than Treyvon would of ever eaten in his life, best bet in Vegas.

    I also sent some text messages, and probably gave the bird at least once.

    I guess I need murdered also..

    The only things these peeks at a young man’s life before he was murdered show us, is it would of BEHOOVED him to of been packing that pistol he was showing off.. Could of very well saved his life from the gun toting, night prowling Zimmerman..

  • WhoKnew

    This photo was taken 8 days before Martin died. It was taken at the Florida Sherrif’s Boy’s Ranch in Live Oak, FL google map the place, and u can see the SAME building and fence on the satellite image. Then watch the youtube video 50 years of Service – PSA 2007 on youthranches user channel and you will see that the ranch was for juveniles who otherwise would be tried in ADULT COURT. I’m sure the exact, same horse is in one of the videos on that channel, and it needs to be copied before it is deleted.

  • Zach Pasdoe

    Nice try Billy Manes.

  • Andrew Flynn

    My younger brother was a two-time felon at the age of 12 and was involved in local Orlando gangs. My parents had to send him away to live with my grandparents, who live in the middle of nowhere, to straighten him out. It worked. Now he is a straight A student, has a full scholarship to a university, and was a runner up for one of those writing competitions to meet with the President. He plans to become a doctor. Maybe everything people say about Trayvon is true, that he was a thug involved with drugs, but people change. Can anyone say they were the same person now as they were when they were 17? Has anyone thought about why kids turn to drugs and gangs and the like? These kids have nobody to turn to in most cases, but gangs will take them in and make them feel like they are a part of a family. If Trayvon was at a Sherriff’s Camp, doesn’t that show that he was making some headway? Not everyone can send their children to live somewhere else, and drugs are often used as a coping mechanism.

    Maybe what Zimmerman did was legal in the state of Florida, but we all know justice is blind, for better or worse. The fact is that Trayvon did not deserve to be killed and Zimmerman had no right to take his life. We are a jaded nation that doesn’t want to care about other people’s issues and wonder why nobody wants to champion our own causes. “Nobody would care about my issues, why should I care about someone elses?” We’ve forgotten the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Imagine if it was your child in this situation and tell me if you would still side with the “law.”