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Short Film Friday – Harold Lloyd Edition

May 24, 2013


To piggyback off of my post about Harold Lloyd and the marathon on TCM last night, I thought it would be a fun way to burn off a Friday by scouring YouTube for some available short subject gems to highlight his particular — and peculiar — genius.

Don’t Shove
Dir: Alref J. Goulding
Runtime: 6m

Lloyd runs afoul of two much bigger rivals as he tries to win Bebe Daniels’ affection.


On the Fire, aka The Chef
Dir: Hal Roach
Runtime: 7m

Lloyd plays a lazy but ingenious chef who finds himself in a lot of trouble when someone orders the fish and he falls in love with with a customer (Bebe Daniels).


Captain Kidd’s Kids
Dir: Hal Roach
Runtime: 22m

After a wild bachelor party, Lloys’s soon-to-be mother in law decides he is no good and whisks her daughter (Bebe Daniels, of course) away to the Canary Islands. Lloyd, playing The Boy, quickly follows her by boat and has a sea sick dream about a boat full of female pirates kidnapping him who are commanded by said soon-to-be mother-in-law.


Ring Up the Curtain
Dir: Alfred J. Goulding
Runtime: 11m

Like I said in the piece about Lloyd yesterday, Run Up the Curtain is one of the more bizarre comedy short subjects that I’ve ever seen. It’s not really funny, but it’s very brave and deserves to be seen for that reason.

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