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Petition to keep Koch Bros. from buying Orlando Sentinel

May 7, 2013

Not that we think this will do anything from stopping the Koch Bros. from buying up whatever private media companies they so choose, but for what it’s worth, there’s a petition circulating via to keep the dastardly duo of David and Charles Koch – rich right-wing activists who like to spend their money to influence legislatures to pass business-friendly bills and encourage the public to elect conservative politicians – from purchasing the Orlando Sentinel. As we noted in this blog last month, the brothers are weighing a bid to purchase a handful of papers from the ailing Tribune Co., including the Sentinel, the Baltimore Sun, the Hartford Courant, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune.

The petitioners are trying to get 3,000 signatures on the petition, which will be delivered to Tribune CEO Peter Liguori. The petition reads, in part:

The Koch brothers—David and Charles—are fossil fuel barons who have devoted their fortunes to bankrolling climate change denial, union busting, and the Tea Party. Now, they want to expand their radical right-wing propaganda to communities across the country by “Fox-news-ifying” local papers like the Sentinel.

Orlando Sentinel readers and other Tribune company customers are key stakeholders in the decision. By showing Tribune Company executives that the public counts on them for accurate and informative journalism, we can help persuade them not to sell to climate change deniers.

As of this writing, 2,036 signatures have been gathered.

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  • Amanda

    They already think of us as our playthings. So what fund to close down even our voices. These robber barons will usher in an era that will turn darker and darker and prevent shedding the light on anything around us. They are invoking a new economic depression and will bring on a sadness that none of us have ever experienced. Their hate handed down to them from Daddy’s work with Stalin then work with the John Birth Society must be part of their very breathing. They are looking to roll all over us. We have to at least- say something.

  • amanda

    They already think of us as “our playthings.” So what fun to close down even our voices.

  • Stormy

    If they bought the sentinel I would rue subscribe, what a rag now a little news sans political posturing would be a fabulous improvement. Btw good luck with the petition what are you, still in high school?