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Local artist Dawn Schreiner leads Artists’ Critique & Conversation

May 28, 2013
photo by khphotographics

photo by khphotographics

Tuesday, May 28 – Artists’ Critique & Conversation
6 p.m.
Germaine Marvel Building, Art & History Museums – Maitland
210 W. Packwood Ave., Maitland

Artists are accustomed to the peer critique. Sometimes the most constructive criticism comes not from a casual observer (or even a professional critic) but from someone who does the same thing you do. Generally, however, the critique is one-on-one or takes place in a room full of other practitioners of the same art. Maitland’s Art and History Museums have opened things up to the public, however, for those of us who are curious about the process, not just the product. Local illustrator and painter Dawn Schreiner, known for her quirky pop-culture portraits, leads the proceedings for the 2013-14 series of Artists’ Critique and Conversation; her first victims (not really) are Vadim Malkin, a young ceramist who organized this year’s Visual Fringe at the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, and Martha Jo Mahoney, a well-known Florida landscape painter. Other artists are encouraged to sign up at – and even if you don’t participate, some of the feedback is bound to set off insights into your own work. – Jessica Bryce Young

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