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Insomniac Folklore play a chaotic arrangement of sounds at Stardust

May 1, 2013

SEL - Insomniac FolkloreWednesday, May 1 – Insomniac Folklore
8 p.m.
Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E. Winter Park Road
price TBD

When a music genre is born from a literary spark fueled at once by history and technology, it’s bound to get a little confusing, even for those who are making it. And if you thought metal forums were at odds over how to categorize bands into subgenres, you’ve never been to steampunk music forums where fans determinedly quibble over the definition, with some broadly applying the label to anything “Victorian-sounding” and others narrowly focusing on lyrical themes or specific instruments. But what is clear is that Insomniac Folklore, the latest to follow Amanda Palmer’s beaten path to Orlando, will come with a chaotic arrangement of sounds, including accordion, violin, guitars, tambourine and … an ironing board? to entertain with theatrics and foot-stomping antics. It’ll prove a lively evening, but if the band should spook you, just remember: “The best way to not be afraid of the dark is to be the scariest thing in the dark.” – Ashley Belanger

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