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UPDATED: Glenridge Middle School on lockdown

May 13, 2013

According to Orlando Police Department spokesman Sgt. Jim Young, Glenridge Middle School at 2900 Upper Park Road, is on lockdown.

Police are investigating a tip that someone might have brought a gun onto the campus. Police have found a loaded magazine in a trash can, but as of this writing, no gun has been discovered yet. Police are on the scene investigating.

This is the second time in recent months that police have been called to investigate someone bringing a gun to campus. In March, a 12-year-old student brought two guns to school. No one was harmed, but he was arrested.

UPDATE: Police still haven’t found the gun that was allegedly brought to the school, but the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that an as-yet-unidentified female student may have been planning a lunchtime shooting at the school today. Police are continuing to search the school.

UPDATE: About an hour ago, police lifted the Glenridge lockdown. At 3 PM, OPD sent out the following message to the media:

Today at about 9:40am, the schools switchboard received a call from an unidentified female asking to speak to the School Resource Officer (SRO). The SRO spoke with the woman who would stated she did not want to be identified out of fear. The woman stated that she was receiving text messages from her daughter who attends Glenridge Middle School. These texts alleged that an unknown student was going to shoot students during lunchtime. It was also alleged that an unknown student had placed something in a trash can on campus. The call came from an untraceable third party number.

The SRO searched trash cans and located a fully loaded magazine from a gun. The magazine is from a .22 caliber gun. No gun was located. The school was placed into lock down. Based on the circumstances, about 30 Orlando Police officers responded to the school. A methodical search of the premises, each classroom, each locker, and each student was conducted. Nothing was located. Other students indicated they had not heard of any rumors about a possible shooting. The extensive search ended at about 2pm today and the school is no longer on lock down. There are no injuries and all of the students and faculty are safe.

The investigation will continue into the call, the threats, and the finding of the loaded magazine. The Orlando Police Department will increase security for the school. Specific security measures will not be disclosed. This is an active investigation and there are no additional details or information. Thank you.

So apparently the tip was false, no gun was found and the tipster called in via a third-party … all signs point to hoax. Yet police did find a loaded magazine in a trashcan near the school.

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  • sebbyz

    There is more to it than a hoax unless the caller is the one that left the magzine in the trash can for some insane reason. My child was in this lockdown. Until they figure it all out it feels unsafe.