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Breakthrough Theatre stages The Facts of Life Live

May 2, 2013

facts of lifeThursday, May 2 – The Facts of Life Live
through May 12
8 p.m. (3 p.m. Sunday matinee)
Breakthrough Theatre of Winter Park
419A W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park

For a certain latchkey generation of post-Little Darlings pseudo-feminists, the weekly televised tumult surrounding an ensemble of boarding-school girls in Peekskill, N.Y., was just about the only effective adolescent rearing available. Eating disorders? Check. Rabbit-furred teen prostitution? Check. Certain boys of that generation (cough) were likewise – if somehow separately – influenced by the stern warbles of housemistress Edna Garrett and the lip gloss hair-flips of Lady Blaire Warner when forming our worldviews. That’s because The Facts of Life was the best television show ever to light up the pixel box, period. For two long weekends, the fine folks at Breakthrough Theatre will try to reclaim some of that ’80s pubescent glory by re-enacting three very special episodes of the vaunted series, likely with a slight rouge of camp. There’s going to be trouble – make that a double – if 1982’s “Starstruck” is not among them, because Tootie didn’t make that Jermaine Jackson bust out of clay in order to just be ignored. We can already hear her screaming. It’s just like the Beatles. – Billy Manes

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