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5 things One Million Moms is protesting in addition to Gay Days at Walt Disney World

May 9, 2013

Found this pic on and it seemed rather appropriate.

By now, you’ve more than likely heard that the high-waisted pants brigade known as One Million Moms, a Christian family organization that’s “fed up with the trash in today’s media,” is having a hissy fit over the upcoming annual Gay Days celebration at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The organization has declared war on Gay Days, insisting that Disney (which doesn’t officially sponsor Gay Days, by the way) do something about the fact that so many LGBT people will be showing up at the parks en masse during the first week of June for parties, rides, lounging by pools and other such activities hostile to families. One Million Moms is distraught that, for the past 23 years, nobody has forced Disney to keep the gays from celebrating at its parks, so they’re taking matters into their own hands, urging members to write to Disney and express their outrage, insist that Disney “monitor” park visitors that week and prohibit them from any public displays of affection and enforce proper attire at the parks (the usual park garb during Gay Days, by the way, is red T-shirts).

“As soon as school lets out at the end of May, many families will plan to take their family vacation right away,” the call to action on their website reads. “Tens of thousands will make reservations in Orlando, Florida, for the first weekend in June. Warning! Not everyone there will be excited, innocent children anticipating a fun weekend at Disney World. The first Saturday in June, homosexuals, bisexuals and transvestites will be at the Magic Kingdom with an agenda and purpose different than what would be expected at Disney.”


Disney and Gay Days aren’t the only thing One Million Moms takes issue with, by the way. There are plenty of other targets of their righteous indignation. Here are five more things they’re protesting right now, in addition to Going to Theme Parks While Gay.

1. That Geico commercial where the pig goes on a date

One Million Moms says: “The Geico Marketing Team may have thought this would be humorous, but it is disgusting to see how the company takes lightly the act of bestiality. Let Geico know their new ad is irresponsible.”

2. Lesbian characters on TV shows

One Million Moms does not approve of the introduction of a married lesbian couple on the TV show “Person of Interest.” Not one bit. According to the organization, lots of moms used to love “Person of Interest,” calling it a “fresh, intriguing, and extremely interesting show.” But then the gay couple was introduced and now there are One Million Pissed Off Moms who have nothing to watch on TV anymore.

OMM says: “In mid-November, an episode aired that went way too far in an attempt to normalize homosexuality when creator and producer, J.J. Abrams, decided to introduce a married lesbian couple.

Viewers find out the female heart surgeon’s spouse is actually another woman. They treated this immoral relationship just like any other married couple. Clearly this is a way of promoting the homosexual agenda by making it appear absolutely normal.”

3. Commercials where kids catch their parents getting it on

One Million Moms says: “This entire ad not only makes someone lose their appetite, but Ragu is also being irresponsible in their new campaign. Instead of being helpful, it is harmful to children in the name of so-called humor.”

4. Kmart’s viral “Ship My Pants” ads

5. Liquid Plumr sexy plumber commercial

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  • I hava a Brain

    One Million Moms = three closet drunks in one’s badement. Shut up & go live in Jesusland.

  • Sean Mulligan

    lol wtf do they want Disney to do? what these “one million morons” doesn’t know is that everyone who works there is pretty much gay or gay friendly. Honey, who do you think does your little girls “Princess Makeover” … mmmhmmmm

  • Judith & Melissa Guertin-Marsh

    These women are sad and pitiful. Not to mention that more and more states and approving gay marriage and civil unions. These hateful mean and bigoted fools in no way speak for the deity I grew up with.

  • Sean Mckeown-Young

    I totally agree with you, but ‘One Million Moms,’ is really ‘3 cranky old guys with Internet access.’

  • Sean Mckeown-Young

    Well, I am equally appalled by Geico’s advocacy of Pig Dating. I’m also horrified by their Pig on a plane commercial. Pigs availing themselves of air travel is truly an abomination unto The Lord.

  • SusieQ22

    Wonder how many of these good Christian, high waisted pants wearing women have Gay or
    Lesbian children???

  • Amy Halterman-Chou

    Really??? You sure don’t sound like you have a brain!

  • Amy Halterman-Chou

    What deity would that be? Just because people do not agree with you and your opinions does not make them bigots. Everyone should be able to express their opinions not just those who are LBGT.

  • TRI

    You should NOT have the right to express your opinion when your opinion promotes hate for an entire group of people, Amy

  • TRI

    As much as i’d love to see these hatemongers shattered by finding out their kids are gay, I would never ever wish the horrible misfortune of being born to intolerant, bigoted parents on any young gay person.

  • whoopwhoop

    i know right? the last 3 presidents have gone on and on about what a danger Iran is to the world. Iran hasn’t done anything wrong! i’m tired of the hate speech from the phonies in washington. i say NO MORE BAD-MOUTHING IRAN! THEIR PERSIAN CIVILIZATION WAS BADASS!

  • Stephanie

    I agree that most of these protests are silly or offensive, but I actually have legitimate gripe with the last one: “I’m here to snake your pipe”. Really? Do we have to sexualise people to sell pipe cleaner? It’s annoying and the scene with her between the two men is just ridiculous.

  • happy jack

    when pigs fly. duh!

  • happy jack

    Blame the straight people, they keep having gay kids………..
    Disney doesn’t care what you do in the bedroom as long as you have cash or credit………

  • you guys are ANNOYING!

    Get the sticks out of your asses!! Apparently you one million judgmental freaks have no lives.

  • Pat

    Everyone has something to say….as long as it is not hateful and is respectful of what others believe. From what I see here, besides One Million Moms (who counted them?) there are others who wish to deny rights to people who are not like themselves and have religious beliefs different from their own. I challenge all religious organizations to prove they have the one and only answer, that their’s is the “right” and true religion. Hogwash!

  • bitterblogger

    I visited the One million moms website, where the stated reason for its existence is to combat trash in the media by protesting ads and TV shows that are either age-inappropriate or otherwise objectionable for children to view.
    So in reading the above story, I am struggling to square this purported mission with their protest against a so-called “Gay Day” where evidently a larger-than-usual percentage of Disney World visitors will be members of the LGBT community, since these visitors are not the trash-promoting media OMM abhors.
    I need not comment length on the expected ineffectiveness of whatever “monitoring” OMM would have park employees do upon discovering a same-sex public display of affection. Or on its lawfulness. Or on the risk how such action could come across as Big Brotherism and turn off non-LGBTs.
    Instead, the inescapable conclusion is that such a protest is meant to suppress LGBT turnout on Gay Day because the real reason for it is to publicize their opposition to LGBT existence, period. Which makes their mission statement misleading. Which is actually anti-Christian, anti-family values, and would do more harm to the children they swear they’re protecting than the ads they decry.

  • Frankie1988

    Amy, while ‘i have a brain’ may have come off as an unintelligent person with that remark, I have to say that his/her heart is in the right place. If you are against what OMM stands for, and pointing out that ‘i have a brain’ is handling the situation in a less than honorable matter, I wholeheartedly agree with you. However, if you are standing up for these women… well, I must ask why. While I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions, I believe that opinions that are based solely off the hate for other human beings is just wrong.. not to mention disgusting. I hope that we can agree on that.

  • Evan

    One million moms? Time for a recount: from what I’ve been able to glean their actual number is a lowly 40,000–and how many of those are uninvolved media observers etc? As Ellen DeGeneres tactfully put it, “they rounded to the closest million”.
    This is a tiny, screaming loud, fanatically extremist minority.

  • Amy Halterman-Chou

    Frankie, I would have to disagree with you concerning your view. It would seem that anyone who does not agree with something is now called a hater. I am not a hater, and that is not the idea behind OMM, to write off everything/everyone that disagrees with the mainstream ideas of right and wrong really is not intelligent. If you and others are entitled to express your opinions, then they should also be allowed to do that. However, those who are supposedly so tolerant and open-minded would appear to be quite the opposite of that.

  • Frankie1988

    Amy! I do respect your decision to have a different opinion than me, but I
    still don’t agree with it, and that is fine. With that being said, I find it
    very… disrespectful, uncouth, and just plain tacky to call someone who
    disagrees with your opinion, unintelligent. We’re all adults here, there is no
    need to resort to adolescent name calling. In regards to OMM, perhaps not ALL
    of their opinions are fueled by hate, but the hate is there, and it’s obvious.
    Let me reiterate, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I also believe
    that opinions that are based solely off the hate for other human beings is just
    wrong. For instance, they may not agree with people who are LGBT, which is fine
    because not everyone does. But for them to say the hateful things they have
    said about the community, my community, is just abominable. Please understand,
    I am not telling ANYONE that they should not express their opinions, but what I
    am suggesting, is that people find a way to express themselves in a civilized,
    non-hateful manner.

    have a question for you Amy. Have you ever thought about familiarizing yourself
    with the LGBT Community? Have you ever went on Huffington Post Gay Voices, or
    another gay blogging site, and read a few articles from the amazing people that
    post to those sites? I familiarize myself with groups such as OMM, AFA,
    Westboro Baptist Church, etc., because I want to know both sides of a story
    before commenting. Amy, the only thing that I ask of you is that you take half
    an hour of your day and read a few articles on Huffington Post Gay Voices, if you
    haven’t already, and see if you can relate to any of the articles in any way.
    THAT my friend, would be true tolerance. Thank you,

  • Amy Halterman-Chou

    Hi Frankie, : )

    Thanks for your reply. I would concur that name-calling is not good, but would also point out that the same is done to non-LGBT opinions. Look at what is posted here on the comments. My point was that those who do not agree with the mainstream ideas of right and wrong are said to be intolerant and evil. This whole story is written as though people who think differently are nuts and wackos.(I do think that the Westboro people are completely crazy and should probably be locked up for everyone’s safety.) I do not hate people who are different than me, but also want the right to speak my opinion without being demonized by people who don’t share it. Frankie, I respect you, and from what you have said, you seem to be a very thoughtful and nice person. I am not able to share your views though, as I believe God does have a standard for our behavior. We all have the right to choose for ourselves and have free will, but there will be accountability and consequences for our choices. I struggle with my weight and as much as I want to be thinner and healthier, I just can’t seem to reconcile that with my desire to eat things that are not good for me. So for this, I am, and will continue, to pay the consequences. This does not make me a bad person but it does mean that I am not making the best choices I could make for myself. God loves everyone and knows we are only dust, he knows we are going to mess up, and he keeps loving us anyway. He is not waiting to whack us with a big stick when we screw up, but is waiting with open arms to help us.

  • Carlo Tucci

    Nice how they called themselves ‘One Million Moms, when there are so few in the group. They are nothing but a bunch of bigots, that apparently have nothing better to do. Why don’t you teach your own children what you think is right or wrong and stop trying to shove your regressive thoughts on everyone else? I find your little group repulsive!

  • Make them stop

    Why is it that you conjure up ‘dirty’ sex in everything ? I hope you moms realize that it would be your minds that are sick. Find something constructive to do with yourselves and stop making something out of nothing!

  • 21T

    The main problem with your theory Chynna is this- it is discriminatory based on your religious beliefs. bottom line is that while you do have the right to voice your opinion, as do I, it is not appropriate to voice that opinion in public at the expense of others nor is it appropriate to force your religion upon another by trying to ban them from certain functions or dictate how they should behave in public beyond what the law of this land calls for.. Do you like it when someone calls you a fat cow? Maybe you should be banned from McDonalds because I don’t think you should eat there? It’s bad for your health you know. And I have decided it is my right to tell you what is and isn’t good for you. Do you see now? is it my my right, or my business, to tell you who to love, how to behave in public beyond what is legal, what to choose to eat no matter how unhealthy it is for you? No, it is NOT appropriate. If you choose to shelter your children from what YOU believe is wrong according to YOUR religion by all means do so. But don’t tell me how to behave because you don’t want your children to see it. Its YOUR religion, not mine. Why should I have to act according to YOUR beliefs. I don’t try to make you act according to mine. At least you can lose weight, I did NOT choose my sexuality. It chose me and I am not ashamed of who I am because I don’t have a fictional character dictating how I live my live and by what morals I should live it. I use common sense, empathy, compassion, and a general goodwill toward others to dictate how I live. Maybe you should consider that. I believe religion should be held as a personal belief and not forced upon others (and I was raised in southern Baptist church and private schools. I know your bible inside and out and Im pretty sure the whole tears others and you would like to be treated and do not judge lest ye be judged are fair words to live by. Live your own life they way you want to Chynna, and stop telling others how they should live theirs. That’s NOT what your god meant.