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Yeah, That’s Heavy: Paint It Black, Zozobra, DJ Koze and more on this week’s playlist

April 5, 2013

OrlandooomHappy Friday ya’ll!

Due to my life becoming much more hectic (singing for Bog Prophet, hosting Orlandooom shows, day job, etc.) this weekly entry may not see light until Friday or Saturday each week. Just an update! Onward! To the tunes!

P.S. – If you’re a homophobe, there’s a new For Today record just for you that will NEVER make any playlist I create!

Paint it Black - Invisible EP (No Idea Records)

Paint it Black don’t corner themselves into a specific microcosm of (punk) music. One could argue that’s their most elevating jumping point unless you’re touchy about genre adjectives. Invisible rakes in the attention span for an all too brief, crossing the finish line at just over 10 minutes, unapologetic upheaval of earnest, and mostly first person, lyricism such as: “I call it all where I leave my broken bones, a row of disconnected pay phones,” (I didn’t actually have a lyric sheet handy so this is technically my interpretation). Riffing romps effortlessly between discourse that correlates the hastily effusive and hard lined (beat) down tempos with the varying vents of singular frustrations and amicable joint vocals. If you like anything that has ever hinted to the phrase hardcore punk, or even pop punk for that matter, this one is worth a once over, if not two or three.

Zozobra – Savage Masters (Brutal Panda Records)

Any band that contains a member of Cave In and/or Old Man Gloom automatically warrants an inquisitive listen, if you’ve ever liked a metallic hardcore and/or sludge metal record. Zozobra features the recognizable bass bark combo of Caleb Scofield who resides in both aforementioned bands, and Cave In twofer JR Conners and Adam McGrath (also a member of noise rock outfit Clouds). Their first two efforts, both released on the unfortunately deceased label Hydrahead Records, were released in ’07 then ’08 leaving anticipation for Savage Masters filling a five-year-long nail-gnashing wait. While not as lengthy as its predecessors, this new EP ships the slaughtering sludge into a slam dunk from half court. 1:38 of the first track, alliteratively entitled The Cruelest Cut (circumcision?), forges a furnace that effectively boils all the blood in the body into a consummated feverish half-time that lasts the rest of the EP. I won’t spoil the rest since this one is another short sweetie, but no track left a bad taste. Just click play, ya drangus.

DJ KozeAmygdala (Pampa Records)

Taking a late pass on DJ Koze, who wants to sign this for me? He doesn’t even have a Wikipedia article in English, only German! He’s also known by the moniker Adolf Noise which contains much more outlandish experimentation and less than cohesive song structure. Amgydala maintains a minimal mantra with its fusion of bass to dance to and softening synthetic leads to incite a gentler breathing pattern followed by goose bumps. Percussive poppin’ claps, DNB-esque breaks, and shallow cutting snares carve motion throughout.  No two songs recycle instruments or recreate former structural organization. There’s R & B bass lines, entranced vocal refrains aligned to the beat and (literally) buzzing, electronic-textured jazz guitar combos, just to name a few. Listen in to dance or calm the fuck down, both have been personally tested, but not recorded, by me. Stationary toe tappin’ works, too.

Pryapisme Hyperbeast Super Collider (Apathia Records)

When metal bands elect to take an avante-garde route, I get all giddy. Demented French cat-worshipping band Pryapisme has somehow found a way to include so many different instruments, styles and time shifts that if I only had one sentence to describe them it would be this next one. Hyperbeast Super Collider will gleefully trample right over your comfort zone with their rampage of jazz pianos, jaunting guitar work, 16-bit synth segues, and armies of horns in a Mr.Bungle-inspired nightmare caravan. My feeble rhetoric could never hope to qualify the batshit bananas majesty of this one. Hyperbeast raises, or at the very least clears by a few feet, the standards that should be held for the attribution to progressive and/or avant-garde metal. Djentiles just go ahead and close this, because this record will frustrate and confuse you because you won’t find any chugs or break downs here, but if you have ever owned a record with Mike Patton on it or love unbound instrumental experimentation without the need for vocals, please do yourself a favor here. It will paint a crooked, deranged grin on your day, in a good way of course.

Some Stranger S/T (Robotic Empire)

Hooray! Another rookie worth talking about this week, and it’s a pop punk record. Gasp! An effort that has still, so far anyway, eluded commentary from acclaimed pop punk policeman Sergeant D features two members of now-defunct Brooklyn pop punk act Daytraders. Handsomely held vocal harmonies coexist with uplifting, albeit slightly predictable, spacious guitar work that will dig its hooks, literally and not, in deep dragging you along for the drive. Alternatively, the body may be sent soaring if you don’t resist the catch. Great record to start your weekend with, and an attention-grabbing debut is in store for you FER SURE. If you like aggressive sounds in your diet exclusively, you’ll probably think, ‘My ears are broken,’ just an FYI.

Honorable Mentions

Bassekou Kouyate + Ngoni BaJama Ko (Blues Inspired Ngoni from Segu)

Vondelpark Seabed (Chillwave)

Spock’s Beard - Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep (Blatantly Nerdy Prog Rock) 

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